Overseas CC new power models, 1.5T gasoline engines and diesel engines 2.0T

just two days before Xiao Bian said about their perception of the Volkswagen CC, Volkswagen CC did not expect so soon have a new action. Xiao Bian recently learned from outside the network, the public Arteon overseas markets and Arteon Shooting Brake (CC and CC hunting for the domestic edition) introduced two new power models, namely 1.5T and 2.0T gasoline engine and diesel engine. In the near future the domestic sales of this model is expected to carry 1.5T engine.

Although this engine Volkswagen will introduce domestic, it has not been models equipped with this engine, but according to Xiao Bian understood that there has been no few models to use this engine, so and there is likely to carry on domestic sales of the CC model, we can see from the picture, the new Volkswagen CC in appearance and not much change but to adjust the front bumper shape, the tail of the use of bilateral four rectangular exhaust layout, so that the new Volkswagen CC is even more fashionable, Volkswagen CC hunting version with a similar version of the Mercedes-Benz CLS hunting design, is not it even more handsome, is not the bigwigs and heart of it?

Xiao Bian learned, SAIC MG’s MG facelift pilot in October 17 announced the sale, the new car is modified models of MG HS, located in the compact SUV, the overall style is more fashionable, younger and sports, providing two power 1.5T and 2.0T. Pre-sale customers can enjoy a four-fold benefits: including zero down payment, 0 interest rate, for the October financial concessions; supreme 15,000 yuan replacement subsidies; lifelong free flow basis; lifetime free basic maintenance. It sounds quite attractive.

we look at the car’s appearance, body length and breadth were 4610,1876,1685mm, wheelbase 2720mm, the net a third-generation fuel grilleDynamic Technology aesthetic design, the overall shape of the head also features a high degree of poor integration of bilateral dual exhaust tail is not the kind of taste within the sports car.

Interior with full LCD meter, 10.1-inch screen in the control suspension, and the whole system comes standard zebra latest Venus system. Dynamic aspects, the MG pilot 1.5T and 2.0T mounted engine in which the maximum engine power is 1.5T 127kW, peak torque of 275 cattle middot; m, 7 matching speed wet dual-clutch gearbox; 2.0T engine’s maximum power 170kW, peak torque 370 Nm middot; m, 6-speed transmission matching wet double clutch gearbox hundred kilometers only 7 seconds, which is good dynamic performance.

bigwigs still remember some new energy models of Chery in situ non-transport video exposure on the network some time ago it? Chery video in a large number of new energy vehicles lifted by a brick, place non-transport. It is understood that, in accordance with the relevant policies, vehicle mileage vehicle can enjoy one of the new national review of energy subsidies. So the challenge was made, that the aim is to fraudulently obtain state subsidies. Chery said that through the investigation that the incident was a driving school, does not belong to Chery new energy company, so regardless of Chery New Energy. According to the country’s new energy subsidies liquidation system, subsidies for mileage monitoring data for the national platform data, it must have GPS driving track. Video wheel spin only invalid data. It will not be included in the subsidy required mileage in. We do not know the truth, will continue to focus on small or subsequent development.

Today small to give you big brother bring good news, as the world’s leading consumer insight and market research firm, JD Power study independence and objectivity known. 2020 October 15, J.D. Power released 2020 China Initial Quality Study (IQS) report, Guangzhou Automobile Chi Chuan won the first Chinese vehicle quality Chinese brand, to achieve their eight consecutive championships, is really too much. This year emphasis on the study of car ownership period of 2-6 months of quality problems encountered by new car owners, covering 57 brands in 241 models, to carry out in 70 major cities, more adaptive and authority, both touchstone automobile enterprise strength, but also to provide professional guidance for car consumers choose a car. Guangzhou Automobile really really did change the beginning and hearts, in order to have such a spirit of craftsmen, Guangzhou Automobile thumbs up.

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