Panic! By the end of 2020 will be comprehensive coverage of ethanol gasoline, electric or speed up the process?

had gone 2020, the last year from the country’s emission standards for upgrading the country’s five to six Shanghai, Beijing and other regions is early implementation of more stringent since the country six B standard.

recall the beginning of last year, to more actively cooperate with the implementation of good country six policies, seven ministries have jointly issued a document national six-stage will fully supply E10 ethanol gasoline in line with the country six A’s . The news came out users are also unable to calm, comment on seats filled with a variety of ethanol gasoline puzzled.

there is a certain degree of difficulty due to the full implementation of ethanol gasoline, progress is also a pressure and then pressure, so that the latter goal reclassified as “the end of 2020 comprehensive coverage of ethanol gasoline.”

said ethanol gasoline for a long time, then this fuel in the end what is it?

ethanol gasoline by the Food and a variety of plant fibers into fuel ethanol and regular gasoline formed by a certain percentage mixed the new alternative energy, it simply is a certain percentage of gasoline laced alcohol.

First, six provinces full coverage, others in planner movable

embodiment on ethanol gasoline, first in 2017 in September, the national Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Finance and other 15 departments jointly issued the implementation. Issued so far, there are areas which have been officially supply ethanol gasoline of it?

data as of December 31, 2019, the Northeast are in the supply of the column, In addition, as Anhui, Henan, Guangxi province is also covered with ethanol gasoline.

Hebei Province Baoding, Cangzhou and the more southerly of the four cities have been implemented.

north Inner Mongolia Erdos, west of the three citiesIt is regarded as a positive response to the call of the departments concerned.

Jiangsu Five Cities in Northern entire column, Shandong has implemented eight cities ethanol gasoline, the vast majority of Henan, Anhui and northern Jiangsu border areas, the sunshine is not in his column.

Hubei Province have half of the urban supply of ethanol gasoline.

Not only is the above provinces, other regions are again ready for the promotion of ethanol gasoline. According to car poly Jun petroleum energy business friends said, from Shanghai to begin preparations for the fourth quarter of last year to promote matters of ethanol gasoline.

ethanol supply channels must be government-approved bio-fuel ethanol producers, ethanol gasoline distribution center is relying on Sinopec, PetroChina, CNOOC, Sinochem and other enterprises existing depot transformation.

predicts that there will be more cities sell ethanol gasoline.

Second, environmental protection is a prerequisite, the rest are “no hurry”

the relevant departments to promote ethanol gasoline is natural justified ( ethanol gasoline advantage ):

ethanol ▎ gasoline is currently the world’s focus on renewable energy development, which can effectively improve the energy structure.

▎ ethanol gasoline can reduce exhaust emissions, available data indicate, E15 gasohol ( ethanol in gasoline content percentage of 15 ) than that of pure unleaded gasoline hydrocarbon emissions decrease carbon percentage of 16.2, the percentage of carbon monoxide emissions drop 30.

▎ ethanol fuel itself, high octane, good antiknock.

Since the ethanol fuel has these advantages, asWhat remains to be seen what the consumer is not ( shortcomings ):

▎ increase fuel consumption

[ 123] of hot ethanol to a value of about a conventional vehicle 60 percentage gasoline, studies show cars without any changes to use ElO (

an ethanol content of 10 percentage of the ) ethanol gasoline, fuel consumption will increase by 5 percentage.

E10 stoichiometric air and gasoline are not the same, that is to say when the intake air mass and the like, ElO fuel injected fuel will be more desired.

▎ underpowered

[123 ] of the stoichiometric air-fuel ethanol answers regular gasoline evaporation temperature, affect the formation and combustion speed of the mixture gas, resulting in auto power down.

▎ damaged parts

Ethanol itself is a good solvent, and other synthetic rubber and easy sealing of the car non-metallic material slight corrosion, swelling, cracking, or softening.

Further, acetic acid produced during combustion of ethanol metal car also has some corrosion.

Third, have no choice but to accept

ethanol gasoline usage in the end how, have to listen to listening to look at how real the use of ethanol gasoline vehicle owners.

Heilongjiang owner expressed frustration: “Harvard h5 gasoline with ethanol, from not less than 20 through the oil, winter 1.6 yuan (

with hydrogen car similar per kilometer

). “

have been surprised to discover that the owner of ethanol gasoline hundred kilometers in normal about 12L, traveling by car on the way the use of conventional gasoline, may be even less than hundred kilometers 10L, pleasant surprise with a helpless .

Another sound problems is on the use of ethanol gasoline after the end of the row.

Heilongjiang taxi drivers to reflect winter exhaust pipe of the water, causing icy, accidents will increase.

Similar experiences users have encountered, repair shop Mercedes beat the fire, the reason is that the exhaust pipe blocked by ice.

a large number of owners of Tucao view, the process of using absolute ethanol gasoline for vehicles, more harm than good, Bitter tears of car owners across the screen can feel poly Jun.

ethanol gasoline starting point is good, people naturally promoting environmental protection authorities for their support, but the environmental costs might be reduced even more, to the owners of at least one free the right to choose.

ethanol gasoline in Europe has long been common, but like Britain, France, Germany and other countries for the use of ethanol gasoline is not mandatory, it will also provide ethanol gasoline and regular gasoline freedom of choice for car owners.

Some netizens ridicule promote ethanol gasoline is more like doing the promotion of electric vehicles, and this promotion ETC does not have some similar to it. ETC promotion can turn off most of the artificial window, the promotion of electric cars also can cancel the sale of conventional gasoline.

only two choices consumers become “accept the reality, ethanol gasoline “and” give fuel vehicles, electric vehicles choose. ” It appears to have a choice, but in reality no choice.

car poly Summary

Once gasohol national coverage of the electric vehicle market will probably usher in a new spring, after all, the traditional fuel vehicles experience will be greatly reduced.

However, the car poly Jun is still in favor of love fuel vehicles friends continue to choose fuel vehicles, with the Chinese Academy of Engineering Yue Guojun words, the development of ethanol gasoline can be achieved solve the structural surplus food supply problems, but also for agriculture subsidies contribute to a force.

Of course, the electric car is a good choice. Tesla Model 3 happens to the completion of the first batch of domestic deliveries, and the starting price also dropped to 30 million and I believe it to be a lot of people find it difficult to bypass option. A new congregation domestic forces, like Wei, the Xiaopeng, Weimaraner, also increasingly strong.

then ethanol gasoline to achieve full coverage of the occasion, how would you choose it?

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