Parallel imports 2020 Toyota superfa LTD plus version of Xi’an latest pre-sale price

2020 Toyota Superner LTD plus open version of the mouth of the air intake grill makes the superfabens very powerful, and there is a thick body coloration under the grille, and the whole is very wild. .

Parallel import 2020 Toyota superfacial 4.0 trd pro

Vehicle procedure: booth car

Vehicle color: green Appearance / Black Interior

Vehicle Quote: National Six Pre-sale

Vehicle Configuration: 20 additional super tyrant TRD Pro adds no keys to enter, One-click start 8-inch central control large screen Carplay intelligent interconnected JBL advanced audio ACC adaptive cruise lane deviated from warning remote remote control launched the latest colorful instrument

Highlight configuration: 10 airbag sunroof air conditioning carbon fiber interior panel creep mode Multi-terrain mode ramp assist FOX shock absorbing TRD chassis cutting plate TRD headrest embroidery TRD black alloy wheel ring bag luggage post differential lock manual time four-wheel drive (secondary gear)

Standard configuration: 4.0 L V6 engine, five-speed hand-in-one gearbox, five seats, black leather, main co-driver motor seat, front seat heating, 8-inch central control screen, reversing image, tire pressure test, electric heating Night mirror, anti-glare inner rearview mirror, four-door window one-button lifting, rear row privacy glass, two row seat is adjustable, electric can rise and fall tail window, bottom hanging tire, 87L fuel tank
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Parallel imports 2020 Toyota ultrafa LTD plus version of the front face offensive full off-road vehicle fan more strong, non-carrying body and various hardcore design, China is also known as “super tyrant”. The tail design is simple, there is no excessive fancy design, but there is a bit of land cruiser design elements, the silver guards and front faces below the safe are very attainable.

2020 Toyota Superner LTD Plus Edition Central Control Panel adopts more silver-plated chrome design, central control is black, matching each other; overall central control The design is Toyota family design, vertical center console and reasonable button layout to make the in-vehicle control system more convenient.

Parallel imports 20 Toyota superfacial ultravine version of the side design is simple and smooth, highlighting sports, fashion, avant-garde, young, pull-up temperament, overall contours It adopts a straight annectable design, adding a tough man’s taste to this superfacious.

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