Passat a hit, put the SAIC-Volkswagen Sales knocked a ten-day losing streak, User: cold

In the past the “Golden September and Silver October,” sales season, the entire auto industry sales have been warmer, sales of major car firms have varying degrees of improvement. According to statistics, domestic passenger car sales in October was 1.992 million, growth of 4.1 percentage, an increase of 8.0 percentage epidemic under control after consecutive months of growth. But all good things, it seems that not much relationship with Shanghai Volkswagen. Passat a hit, knocked put SAIC Volkswagen sales ten-day losing streak User: cold

announced October sales report showed that according to SAIC SAIC Volkswagen October sales of 155,000, down 8.01 percentage. While the number of total monthly sales is still huge, but up to 10 months of sales decline, not only the gap between Shanghai Volkswagen and FAW-Volkswagen is widening, and has been in third place was the SAIC-GM-successful go-ahead, now in joint venture brands only ranked third.

even more embarrassing is that, in the past SAIC Volkswagen but SAIC pillar, sales growth of power points, but now has become within the group only sales negative growth of the brand. SAIC October sales of 597,000, an increase of 9.6 percentage which SAIC-GM and SAIC passenger cars increased by 14.13 and 16.29 percentage percentage, SAIC-GM-Wuling was even better, the monthly sales of 179,000, an increase of 19.33 percentage, as for SAIC’s other brands, though no major increase in the top three, but steadily forward, building blocks for group sales.

accidental, SAIC Volkswagen in 2020, the market situation so difficult not blame the market, and more are caused by the problem itself. At the end of last year, the China Insurance Institute 25 percentage offset crash test, the Passat due to the A-pillar severe fracture, causing the pilot to space is compressed, dummy legs and therefore destroyed, together with the seat belt to tighten policy confusion, resulting in a collision process, the airbags failed to catch the driver’s head, and ultimately makes the Passat grades bottom, even as part of its own brand models.

The results came out, the owners have questioned whether the SAIC-Volkswagen cut corners in terms of security, but SAIC Volkswagen not only did not directly admit to defects in terms of security, but also consumers when the “fool” Laishua, went known as known as the star of the wholesale department took a C-NCAP five-star rating, as the last attempt to confuse fig leaf, with predictable results, even though there are Volkswagen Passat nationally known reputation and aura, but the SAIC-Volkswagen series operation obviously angered consumers, then, Passat sales never recovered to past glory, fell from the rankings list the top ten regulars to the outside 15.

But having said that, a brand can be 10 consecutive months of negative sales growth, I think the responsibility should not be attributed to the Passat body, or other vehicle or less there are some problems.

broken down into different models, Polo Plus pricing being too confident and not proportional to the strength of its products, resulting in monthly sales level fell from the past ten thousand thousands, quite different and Polo before facelift far, coupled with the new Fit listed foreseeable future Polo Plus days will be more sad.

Although the Sunny compact car market has been the meat and potatoes, also ranked second in sales, but it is undeniable, and it first Sylphy gap increases at the same time, behind the competing products are narrowing the gap, the market performance is not optimistic; the latest MPV models Volkswagen Wei Ran, it is because some of the problems such as unreasonable ground clearance and interior space layout, delays in making sales rise. Its best-performing models also left Tiguan L, although it ranks second only to collide mediator research in the Passat, also ridicule as “the village to eat car”, but with a much higher than similar competing products terminal benefits for the people and sought after SUV monthly sales can be maintained at a level of over ten thousand, and even repeatedly to enter the top ten list.

difficult to find from the brand sales ranking, instead of SAIC Volkswagen to become the first brand is none other than another mass in the domestic market bits “adopted son” FAW-Volkswagen. becausePICC research project in the same test, the siblings Passat Magotan is to harvest good results, which virtually increased consumer goodwill of FAW-Volkswagen, FAW-Volkswagen in recent years, coupled with the frequent introduction of new vehicles, especially SUV sequence since under the shadow of exploration, exploration song, composed to explore Yue layout on models, allowing consumers to have the public’s feelings have more choices. After all, everybody is the front view of the public LOGO, since the new FAW-Volkswagen products, good quality, and the price is about the same, then the FAW-Volkswagen is a better choice.

lead to the collapse of brand sales across the board from defective products, SAIC Volkswagen encountered can be described as the biggest crisis in nearly 10 years. For SAIC public, to restore the reputation of the short term is unlikely to basic, only rely on time to dilute the memory of the consumer. SAIC public most needs new products to prove their determination repentant, and gradually reduce the consumer’s own bias, so that the sales pick up.

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