Peugeot release new 308 SW official map

Recently, Peugeot Automobile officially issued a new 308 SW official map, and new cars are positioned in compact travel vehicles.

On the design, the Peugeot 308 SW adopts the latest family-style design, the front face is equipped with a large inverted air intake The grill is decorated in the interior of the parameterized dot matrix, and the intermediate is mixed with the latest shield gaby. It is quite fashionable; the front headlights on both sides are sharp, the side has the latest 獠-shaped LED Daytime tank lights, look very fierce, more powerful and identified.

New car interior, adopts the new generation I-Cockpit cabinet design, using small disk diameter double multi-function steering wheel, digital display instrument and new central control panel Design, the central control stage has a maximum 10 吋 touch display, and further enhances the inner texture of the car through the use of cortex and metal architectural plates.

Dynamic, 308 SW provides 1.2 liters of 3-cylinder gasoline turbine and 1.5 liters four-cylinder diesel turbine two pure internal combustion engine engine dynamic selection, with 110 homes (gasoline manual) And 130 (gasoline, diesel), equation, and can be used with 6-speed manual and 8-speed manual transmission. In addition, the pluggable version of the model consists of 1.6T engine + motor, and the engine power is 110 kW and 132 kW, each match the 81kW motor.

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