Play modification is only the pursuit of individuality? That you are too young

When you want a car with unique personality, how would you do?

might mind next second they come out to “retrofit” word. Indeed, modified indeed pursue fast-track personality. From the most basic interior ornaments, leather seats (Ahem, insert an aside, I do not recommend the car is very faithful to the purchase of the above items, in case of danger, all those things not only can not protect you, may you will increase the probability of injury), then that is the appearance of stickers, increase your “mental horsepower” to some extent.

After a long wait, you contented to see their own car, mind you must think driving the car, you are this street the most personal of Aberdeen. But then immediately received a text message the bank will pull you back into reality, “Your credit card overdraft limit has been spent, please timely repayment.”

Although the play modified car personality, but as long as the “car” and “play” together, there will always burn becomes a bottomless pit, there is not enough economic strength, to persuade It still does not easily converted into the pit.

Second, the modification requires some automotive knowledge accumulation, for example wide-body, without change case of a suspension, it is necessary to change the number considered good tire width, the tire is a difference with the original number, and an eccentric distance of the tire. Also after the test overall conversion is complete, further debugging. So, for retrofitting white, this is a long and tedious process.

Some people may say, to understand why so much? Directly to the car to the converted stores are not enough. So I just want to say modified circle bottomless depth, how do you know he is a “mouse” or “God”?

On the basis that you do not have any experience, modified to some extent there is a security risk, and embedding the vehicle interior conversion line is also very vulnerable to accidents, followed by vehicle inspection nervous, probably most modified car enthusiasts unforgettable memories.

In summary, modification personality, but it takes a lot of cost, and there is a certain threshold. Is there a way to not spend too much cost at the same time be able to pursue individuality, and they do not have a high threshold? SAIC MAXUS D60 is a good choice.

SAIC MAXUS D60 based on the 2018 Beijing auto show released TARANTULA concept car build, combined with SAIC Chase more intelligent spiders Holiday platform, to create a mid-sized SUV for universal custom.

in which “national custom” the word is particularly brisk. Weakening the difference between low and medium high-allocation model, allowing users within their budget by more than 100 optional configuration customization, and finally with exclusive models.

while the optional method is also easy to use, regardless of the computer PC side, the phone APP entrance side or both, to meet the different habits of each of us. SAIC Chase’s official website, the Bank MAXUS public micro-channel number, the Bank MAXUS APP, click on entry “Spider-Holiday” can easily experience the personality matching. To the official website, for example, after opening SAIC Chase’s official website, on the right to see “Spider Holiday” entry, click into the vehicle can start customizing.

in the SUV partition can see SAIC MAXUS D60 and SAIC MAXUS D90 can support customization and went to SAIC MAXUS D60 custom page can see two options, one is ” careful planning “, one is” I Want It all “, as the name suggests is a former model from the beginning of the optional foundation, which began to choose from the top modelWith. Selectable configuration

then more than 100 have some what of it?

First, a powertrain, a total of two sets of power combinations to choose from, one is 1.3L turbocharged engine with 6-speed manual transmission, the maximum power of 120kW , maximum torque 230Nmiddot; m; the other is 1.5L turbocharged engine with 7-speed automatic transmission DCT, the maximum power of 124kW, maximum torque 250Nmiddot; m, book performed well.

Next seating layout is selected, namely 3 + 2 + 2,2 + 2 + 2, 2 + 3 three layout modes can be selected for different consumers in different vehicles daily habits to meet the diverse needs of a great extent.

It is worth mentioning that SAIC MAXUS D60’s six layout at the same level among mainstream SUV is rare, and and its five models, can enjoy 6-year exemption treatment, so that 6-year vehicle inspection before trouble can also be eliminated. The second row is equipped with individual seats in the space is very spacious, not even lose some of leapfrog models, which allow third six D60 arranged for “true three rows.”

appearance, a color select eight different colors on the vehicle body. So many colors can be selected, changed color film? nonexistent. In addition to multi-color body, SAIC MAXUS D60 directly provides 4 suits — look “cool black sporty”, “light gilt extravagance,” “Phantom Silver,” “True character.” Each suite will have their own highlights in details, it can be said that the gospel of choice phobia patients.

Of course, if you do not want to set, SAIC MAXUS D60 also provides a front grille, wheel tires, brake calipers color, Sao front headlight + mode, rear privacy glass, tailDoor open way of selecting separate partition. It is worth mentioning that Lisao mode, day running light, turn signal and tail manner by opening and opening sequence combinations can be switched by the console “Cloud Xi” “by Xi”, “Teng Xi” “Xi Yuan” Four different patterns of light welcome, very strong sense of ritual. A highlight

wheel design is its personalization, and 10 asymmetric hub, spatial interleaving sense hub 15 hub design sense, a round form of the hub main minimalist style, with red, yellow and black color options calipers, sporty wells.

Interior section selects SAIC MAXUS D60 richer, seven interior colors Material options to meet the individual needs of more consumers, especially the Twilight red style interior with ALCANTARA top sports seats, largely to enhance the texture of the car; eclipse gray style interior with leather seats of senior match, highlights the sense of quality.

technology configuration section, Alternatively SAIC MAXUS D60 4.2 inches, 7 inches or meter configuration whole liquid crystal panel, while HUD head-up display may be selected with. 8 inches, 10.4 inches, 14 inches in three different sizes in the control panel, the pursuit of science and technology to meet the different users of sense, equipped with SAIC Ali zebra Chi-line interconnection system, whether it is in the interactive experience or fluency operation and clarity are very good.

In addition, there are four small detail worth thumbs up.

is in the first shape Dangba, aviation SAIC MAXUS D60 provides automatic shift lever and shift lever automatic urban, car according to their own habits and preferences make a selection.

The second is to provide an exclusive embroidered word service in the headrest of the main co-pilot, co-pilot of the Queen so bits can be “exclusive” in the true senseA.

The third choice is a lamp atmosphere, atmosphere in addition to the red monochromatic light, there are 64 colors and 64 colors selected rhythm, heart and change color.

The fourth wireless charging is optional, that is generally high even with the top models have mounted configuration, SAIC MAXUS D60 body, even with low models can be selected, and further meet the current consumer habits.

four details, further emphasizes individuality, although not increase “mental horsepower”, but denied it was cool.

in the focus on individual experience, but safety is also essential. SAIC MAXUS D60 but you have to think it over, the through bilateral air curtain, BSD blind spot monitoring, rear parking radar, ADAS intelligent driver assistance systems are able to add single configuration according to your needs, so that both personality and security .

So, after reading SAIC MAXUS D60, you will feel the pursuit of individuality is only one way to modify it? Your heart may now have the answer. From the “cookie-cutter” to “thousands of thousand faces”, customization has become the SAIC MAXUS D60 personalized label. If the latter do not tangle the installation of equipment are security risks, do not live in fear for the annual inspection, factory direct enjoyment to your personality.

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the new Internet economy mode C2B is Fun SAIC MAXUS D60 capability, the new car is fast becoming more concerned about the way young consumers. From the sales point of view SAIC MAXUS of October, 11,424 results, an increase of 78.58 percentage, brisk enough, and maintained for 10 consecutive monthsSales rose to prove SAIC MAXUS full potential, but also hope in the customization of SAIC MAXUS farther and farther down the road.

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