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Po Chun RS-3 real vehicle appearance, the color value of your food?

Chun Bao small SUV sales in the country are first-class. Many young people will choose this brand as their first car, an affordable car brand. Po Chun rs-3 appeared to meet the consumption needs of young people.


new car to continue using the “geometry Star” design language, the front grille design is more simple and clean, rich level, waistline is divided into three-stage treatment process using a modified middle waist high light shape, chromatic design, the shape of the vehicle is more movement, at the same time, the new Baojun rs-3 is also equipped with 10.25-inch central control screen, panoramic skylights, LED daytime running lights, more futuristic technology.


Po Chun rs-3 family still maintained a simple and neat design style, the whole interior partition function is relatively clear, color is also very dynamic. Meanwhile, referring to the new Baojun previous model, the new car aspects of workmanship and materials is relatively good, and the configuration is also more practical, in line with current consumer demand.


The new model provides 1.5l naturally aspirated engine and L2B 245T1.2t engine, the maximum power of 105 horsepower and 131 horsepower.

Recently, the car was officially put on the Po Chun west base. The new car is expected to be available in October. Configuration from the exterior to the intelligent, the new car has a very good performance.

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