Porsche Macan Pure Edition Interior Exposure Adopt Re-Layout

Previous reports have reported a lot of news about pure electric Macan, including technical platforms, appearance spy photos, etc., people are fully mobilized for this car. A few days ago, I finally have the interior of this car. In addition to the simplicity in the expected, the layout is also very different from the current model.

With the arrival of all power, conventional shifting rods on the previous Macan are canceled, allowing a more gentle, more tidy central control area, which With a small knob, guess is used to control central information entertainment screens and air conditioning systems. This interface is expected to be similar to the TAYCAN model. Porsche’s new generation PCM 6.0 communication system will also appear on this new car.

In addition, the new car is used in a more flat design. The instrument panel on the original Macan is replaced by the full liquid crystal display and is almost in the same horizontal plane with the central control screen. on. On the details, the new car has a liquid crystal instrument cover further reduces reflective, making the display effect clearer. It is worth mentioning that the test model captured also has a central console meter of the Sport Chrono component.

Review the appearance, the new car will have a more flat face, the network, the grill, and the air intake will be maximized. Simplify, this can be seen from previously exposed soil models. In addition, the new car will have a lower roof, so that the new car has a more substantive body ratio.

In accordance with previous news, pure electric Macan will be available in 2022, based on PPE architecture development, it will be sold at the same time as the fuel version Macan, and the naming method will also refer to TAYCAN, with Turbo or even Turbo S models. (Source: autocar)

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