Porsche Taycan too expensive? Take a look at the upcoming release of the Audi e-tron GT it

Recently, obtain a set of Audi car owners before the official figure, the Audi models for the upcoming production version of the electric e-tron GT supercar. This vehicle is not only exciting field entry EV products, but also in cooperation with Porsche and Audi use the results of the latter in terms of Taycan expertise.

e-tron GT and Porsche share most parts Taycan, is expected to go on sale in the Netherlands in early 2021. Appearance, the new car length 4960mm, a closed front design, equipped with a large body aerodynamic package, the overall shape is very avant-garde. Power, the car equipped with dual motor system, the maximum output power up to 440kW, coupled with the new car uses a lighter aluminum body mass, hundred kilometers in just 3.5 seconds.

According to sources, the upcoming new cars produced in Neckarsulm, Germany, which is produced in Germany Audi’s first electric car, which will produce the Audi R8 collinear, although e -tron GT is a pure electric vehicle, but it is interesting e-tron GT will have electronic noise function.

The control unit emits two sound mixing according to variables such as the speed or the accelerator pedal position is continuously, Audi drive selection system may also be provided if desired to give the strength and experience of the sound sound experience.

this case Audi’s statement said “Audi use extraordinary musical skills and technical capabilities, designed specifically for this model carefully crafted a unique sound which sounds as powerful and advanced like Audi. “

Even better, if you do not like the sound, the driver can also adjust their own. According to information provided by Audi, the driver may have electronic sounds musical creativity and technical capabilities for the e-tron GT development, whether by computer, sound lab or car Jieke design.

Audi to provide 32 individual sound elements e-tron GT, and the modulator may be weighted according to the drive management data. Alternatively sound kit also includes two control units luggage case, car two external speakers and two rear doors of the internal speaker. In addition,Audi drive select can also be used to adjust the sound characteristics across multiple stages.

Audi e-tron GT engine noise but had to join in the “Avengers” movie product placement in incurred criticism, but it seems the engine sound is really present in pure electric models.

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