Powertrain completely change the test drive FAW Toyota Avalon 2.0L

[ Chexun Wang reported ] since last year’s Guangzhou Auto Show debut, Toyota Avalon has been the major media and the user’s attention, and released two 2.5L and 2.5L hybrid at the end of March this year, kind of power, the price range of 20.88-28.98 yuan. The same Toyota Avalon and Lexus ES-use platform, TNGA-K are based on a modular architecture to build. On October 19, on sale nationwide Avalon 2.0L version, provides a 2.0L four models, the price range of 19.98-23.98 yuan. Not only reduce the price range, powertrain changes have taken place, this time on how to experience the feeling of power 2.0L test drive?

Test drive: power adapter steady IKEA were advised

Toyota Avalon power assembly completely changed, farewell 8 speed manual gearbox, the naturally aspirated engine 2.0L matching CVT transmission, shifting smoothness doubt, both driving and ride home texture commercial.

Asian dragon made in the engine and gearbox design at a lot of conscience, first 2.0L engine with dual balance shafts, simply It is actually a balance shaft provided with eccentric weight and rotates in synchronization with the crank shaft, using a reverse eccentric weight vibratory force generated by the engine to obtain a good balancing effect, reduce engine vibration. During operation and start-up can reduce engine vibration and start running tremor. Further hydraulic engine mount bearings designed to effectively isolate the vibration transmitted to the engine frame and the cab.

Avalon mounted 2.0L CVT gearbox different from traditional CVT transmission, this transmission 10 is an analog-speed transmission, a gear transmission gear using AT transmission mode, and electronic control with synchronous shift fork, 10 ~ 2 using steel belt speed, and the transmission CVT same, characterized by in response to the vehicle speed when starting from 0, the transmission efficiency can be more active, power more direct, responsive, fast, to avoid transmission strip hit the ramp or bad road startSlip phenomenon.

In everyday urban roads, 2.0L + CVT powertrain no pressure, even if transmission using two transmission modes, still very good match, frequent shift in city traffic completely feel a sense of frustration; while on power, the actual performance is good, very stable low speed at the start, in the late acceleration performance more general, but willing to step on the gas can get good power, good engine thermal efficiency and good power system can compensate for the lack of torque regard.

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