Price: 9.99-15.09 ten thousand yuan Jie way X95 officially listed

November 28, Czech way X95 officially listed, new cars were introduced six configuration models, the price range of 9.99-15.09 million. At the same time, providing a new car five, six, seven three kinds of seating arrangement for consumer choice.

In appearance, the car with a new design language, the front face into the interior of large hexagonal grille using dense dot-matrix design, and are connected to both sides of a polygon set by the headlights chrome, feeling full momentum.

of the lower four-point LED fog lamp, to further improve the recognition of the front face.

body size, its length and breadth were 4875/1925 / 1780mm, wheelbase 2855m. Rear of the vehicle, the overall shape is more simple, roof spoiler, the through chrome and surrounded by the black, creating a full sense of depth.

In the interior, the maximum highlight that the new car is equipped with a four-screen, full LCD meter 12.3 inches, 12.3 inches in the control panel, touch screen 9.7 inches conditioning control and streaming media mirror, so that the interior having strong technology flavor.

In power, the Czech Republic way X95 is mounted and two power 1.5T + 6MT composition 1.6T + 7DCT, wherein the engine maximum power of 115kW and 145kW, respectively, peak torque 230Nm and 290Nm.

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