Public notice issued coupe SUV Nivus

Recently, Volkswagen released a new trailer video SUV– public Nivus models. The new car market for the South American countries such as Brazil launched, a series of “Urban Coupe (city coupe)” concept in 2020 and will be put in the local market. Movies released earlier in the probe also revealed the public will be introduced coupe Coupe SUV models.

However, in the future in the domestic launch of the Coupe SUV models will be a high-end mid-sized SUV, and the public release of the video did not provide specific details, we from videos to intercept some of the details on the new car model Here we take a look at.

From the point of view a video trailer, you will have Nivus headlights with LED group daytime running lights, the overall shape using the fastback design, the roof also comes with a silver luggage rack, and there is a small spoiler, will take into account both the sporty coupe and SUV’s high sitting position.

is the use of a front headlight group LED daytime running lights, the sharp shape, beneath it matching is larger dimension of the front lower portion of the intake port polygon modeling and front fog lamps.

power, will provide foreign media that Nivus 1.0T inline three-cylinder engine equipped with only the precursor models, depending on the maximum transmission power matching or different and each is 116 horsepower (6-speed manual model) and 128 horsepower (6-speed manual models). But I want to say is that since this is a coupe powered SUV is not some too small. After

Nivus in Brazil in 2020, the official world premiere, the production also will be introduced in Europe, and the European market. In the Chinese market, Volkswagen will launch a Coupe SUV in the future.

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