Pure electric version of the BMW 7 Series i7 exposure likeness Laosilaisi

Recently, overseas media rendering according to the BMW i7 previous road test spy (not officially named) renderings can be seen from FIG rendering, BMW i7 retro appearance design, with a fourth generation BMW 7 system (code E65) is quite similar. It is understood that the new car will be based on the new generation (seventh generation) BMW 7 Series to build, is expected to be released in 2023.

As the flagship BMW i family of products, i7 designed not rigidly adhere to the current fuel vehicles, but tend to be avant-garde. Although electric cars, but renderings of the i7 does not use the grill fully enclosed, there is no obvious family BMW kidney grille features but with a similar Laosilaisi straight waterfall grille. Also new style wheels and blue trim that the identity of its new energy vehicles.

power, i7 It is reported that BMW is likely to launch i740, i750, i7 M60 three versions, i740 entry model is equipped as single motor, and i750 and M60 motor vehicle is equipped with dual front and rear, and equipped with four-wheel drive system xDrive. Mileage aspects, i7 It is reported that BMW is likely to reach 700km.

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