Pure electricity is 95 kilometers hundred kilometers fuel consumption 1.1 liters, Guangzhou Automobile Toyota Vilan high performance version listing

Author News network report ] On May 8, Guangzhou Automobile Toyota Wanshi high-performance version is officially listed, divided into Jinli version, Jingqi four-wheel drive and hunt four-drive version three A configuration stage, official guidance price is 2.588 million yuan, 2.828 million yuan and 299,800 yuan.

On the appearance, the high performance version of the Wanta continues the previous dual engine. The appearance interior design of the version of the model, but the decoration details are more exquisite. The most obvious difference is that the high-performance version of the Wanta is upgraded, the front grille, the lower part of the front bumper is mixed with the glamorous metal trim, and the fog light of the side airport also changes to the vertical LED source. The front wing plate and the LDQUO at the fare; Plug-in Hybridrdquo; logo reflects its unique identity.

As the highest end version of GAC Toyota Vilan, Wanta High Performance Edition is equipped with Toyota TNGA plug-in mixing. The power system is composed of 2.5-liter straight column four-cylinder engines and electric motors. This Atkinson circulating engine includes VVT-IE intelligent electric variable gas door timing intake, EFI electronically controlled fuel injection, and D-4S dual injection oil supply.

The net power value of the engine is 132 kilowatts. Under the support of the double motor motor (the main version only with the front single motor), the system is integrated with a maximum output power of 225. kilowatt. The matching traditional system is Toyota new generation E-CVT electronic non-unsangible transmission, and the power response efficiency and output is equipped with different driving modes.

The power battery system uses a newly developed 45 mA three-dimensional lithium battery pack, which makes the entire vehicle insulation quality control at 1885 ~ 1990 kg, compared to fuel and double The quality of the engine version is not too large. The pure battery life is 87 kilometers (Jingqi four-wheel drive and passion engine four-wheel drive version) ~ 95 km (Jin Engine). Comprehensive operating conditions can be as low as 1.1 ~ 1.2Lit / 100 kilometers, HEV mode overall fuel consumption is 5.2 to 5.5 liters per 100 kilometers. In charging efficiency, the charging time of 220 volts 16 is used for about 5 hours, and the charging time of 220 volts 8 is charged about 9.5 hours.

The high-performance version of Wanta provides a pre-drive, four-wheel drive form models optional. Among them, China’s four-wheel drive version and hook plate equipped with Toyota High Performance E-Four Electronics Four-wheel Drive System, which combines the stability of capacity and highway manipulation under complex terrain. In addition to lifting the rear wheel output torque, the rear wheel torque is also increased, and the wide torque adjustment range of the front / rear axle 100: 0 to 20: 80 can be realized. At the same time, the four-wheel drive system is also equipped with TRAIL mode, and when the air is turned on, the torque can be driven to the reverse wheel, thereby achieving fast torment.

The high-performance version of the Wanta is equipped with a black interior design. The seat is used as a dermal + synthetic skin, and the steering wheel and the shift lever are the leather package. The air conditioning system is independently automatically air conditioned by thermal pump dual district, built-in PM2.5 filtration system. In addition, the high-performance standard of the Willanda High-performance Edition is also: leather + synthetic leather seat, driver’s seat 10 to electric adjustment (including 2-way electric waist), front and rear seat heating, steering wheel heating function, 10 Inch color HUD flat display system, driver-seat lap airbag, side curtain airbag, pre-collision safety system (with front square recognition), dynamic radar cruise control system (with full-speed domain and car function), lane tracking assist system (with With the car driving function), the high beam system is automatically adjusted.

As a major feature of a large-capacity power battery model, Wanta high performance version also equipped with 220 volt external power supply interfaces in the trip, supporting 1500 watts Power household appliances, very suitable for travel outings, but currently only for flagship holding.

The exclusive configuration of the flagship search also includes: projection LED front headlights, 12.3-inch full liquid crystal meter, multi-function streaming inside backview , PVM panoramic monitoring system, parallel blind spot monitoring system, reversing side rear blind spotWarning system, intelligent anti-pin electric induction tail, segmented panoramic sunroof (open, with anti-clip function), roof luggage rack, automatic folding / heating 3 rearview mirror, etc.

Editor comment

Guangzhou Automobile Toyota Waterga High Performance is on the price Didn’t bring us full surprises, but carefully studied that the basic product of this car is quite excellent, the starting point of the whole standard is not low, which is also a high cost-effective manifestation. More importantly, new energy green +2.5 liter plug-in power + 87/95 km pure battery life is combined, it is indeed the most mainstream market consumption demand, I believe it can meet the various cities. Row scene. And the current market competitiveness is quite, and the product is balanced, the product is still scarce, which is still a rare opportunity for GAC Toyota Wanda High Performance. Of course, don’t forget that it has already rushed in front. Mistricle sister FAW Toyota honored two engine E +.

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