QASHQAI price, road crown body, the standard red flag 2.0T flagship SUV models can sell it to burst?

November 1, 2019, known as the “captain car,” the big five SUV- T99 Pentium finally officially listed, the listing of the T99 launched a total of 5 models, priced at 14.99-18.99 million. FAW Pentium’s flagship product, T99 can not be independent spoiler large SUV market? The following Jiang brother with you with a look of this car.

First, in appearance, making it very Pentium T99 momentum, mosaic “raindrops on a large-sized digital hexagonal grille “the decorative dot matrix, full texture. Vertical type of daytime running lights, with the brand new “Window of the World” LOGO, LED headlamps group and coordinate with each other on both sides, the overall visual effect is quite domineering.

equivalent ratio coordination body side, the through hale the vehicle into two waist. At the same time, through the use of the Pentium line parallel to the upper and lower windows designed to further enhance the visual sense of slender car. Design elements floating roof, like chrome column D, add some new car gave trend of breath.

But if you think it just looks slender, serious mistake. T99 Pentium car length 4800mm, with a wheelbase of 2870mm, and a similar price compared to joint-venture model, it is entirely a bigger car exists. Also known as the big five SUV Honda Kwun Road, in the wheelbase it has not been long.

the front and rear styling echoes, a large number of small chamfer lines to highlight its tough atmosphere, and through the middle of the taillights to strengthen the car’s trend of breath. The bottom of bilateral four chrome exhaust looks very bluffing, but it is actually just a bilateral dual exhaust.

Interior design, Pentium T99 using the current popular three-screen design, bis 12.3 inches in the control screen of the liquid crystal instrument panel even as a whole, and air conditioning panel touch below the echoes. And then with the matte metalLines, wood grain trim, soft materials, stitching design, etc., or watching a certain sense of luxury.

Apart from these three the whole system comes standard with a large screen, the T99 also has a Pentium unique intelligent assistant – can summon two dimensional “little sister” of the 3D holographic imaging system, can interact through voice commands and her. In addition, it also uses a lever rare moment of crystal Dangba electronic design (for optional), the overall sense of science and technology is quite enough.

Power, T99 whole system comes standard Pentium country six red 2.0T engine, the maximum horsepower 224, plus 340Nmiddot; m maximum torque, it has a joint venture to challenge the strength of 2.0T engine. To know the road and Honda crown it the same figure, now only small-displacement engine 1.5T six countries to meet emission standards.

and 8AT gearbox as standard, but also allow consumers to see the sincerity of the Pentium. Although this 8AT from domestic Sheng Rui, but also have applications on a variety of independent models, experienced the test of the market, it can be considered reliable.

From the point of view of the overall strength of the car, T99 Pentium car’s performance is remarkable, Yen value is one of the highlights interior ambience outstanding scientific and technological sense, the red flag with the money 2.0T engine is enough to cope with everyday use required. Then it can upset the emergence of self-large SUV market has become a new growth point rushing it?

In this regard, Jiang brother hold optimistic attitude, partly because the price of the car, 14.99-18.99 million for pricing and is already a joint venture SUV Nissan Qashqai (15.49-18.59 million) equivalent. Spend money can buy car body carts, this consumer preference for large space very tempting.

on the other handIt is that the positioning of the car, and the same level of self-T99 Pentium SUV models, basically emphasize seven positioning, few emphasize the identity of the five, but seven SUV market is already becoming saturated. So the big five main market segments T99 Pentium, or have some unique offerings hope to make business, but also Crown Road Honda SUV this big five this successful precedent, maybe T99 can become its own brand of “Crown Road” .

Qashqai price buy crown Road stature, outstanding color values, these are the Pentium T99 product advantages. But the large SUV market has been a lot of independent brands can not go to the field involved, and the market for the overall quality of the product and brand power requirements higher, which is a Pentium challenge. But we committed to playing characteristics, dislocation competition, perhaps this is an opportunity out of T99 to the way out. If you will choose to support the domestic brands do?

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