Quality is comparable to Magotan 200,000 yuan to land the first 2 2.0T joint venture B-class car

The joint venture B-class car discount news is covered, and even the old Magotan has launched a price of 140,000, but I don’t want to think, this is definitely the old model of 1.4T, if I changed to 2.0T power Version, you want 200,000 to fall, it is a delusion, this is just the price of a bare car.

However, if you come back, you are buying a car or buy a quality, if you just want to see the big brand of car logo, there is no way, so much money, or wait Price cut.

However, if you look at Magotan’s quality, you may wish to take a look at this model, known as “Magotan” – Skoda traveler, speed 2.0T low power version model, 200,000 can be available.

Skoda is also a brand of the public, and also has a mass quality. Although sales and famous arrivals have a certain gap between the models hanging on the public label, the cost performance is definitely better than Volkswagen brand is high.

Skoda is vesting EA888-DPL engine with Magota, the maximum horsepower 186PS, peak torque 320nmIddot; M, the power data of the two cars, and the other, Skoda is still a hiking, the shape is more fashionable, when this is the advantage is also a disadvantage, just look at the consumer’s hobby, mature consumers, or the style of the medium, and the young consumers, I like fashion feelings, so I said that this is a reason for Magotan’s sales Biskuda, which is suitable.

If you don’t want to choose Skoda, you don’t want to add more money. You may wish to see the Buick brand, Regal 2.0T model, is also a good choice.

First, although the name of Regal is now not a big time, it is also the foundation of the masses. At present, the US B-class car is selling, and the sales of Regal monk, this Description consumers are quite high for Regal’s recognition.

Now Regal 2.0T model, 200,000 yuan, no problem, Regal 2.0T engine maximum horsepower can reach 237 ps, while peak torque 350nmiddot;m, match 9-stop-handed self-integrated transmission, dynamic or prone to point.

Junwei opened, it is also very face, Buick family’s front face, bullet car, 4913mm long body, is also domineering, air field, 2829mm axis The distance is guaranteed to have a spacious space in the car.

is only the degree of recognition of Buick brands in the hearts of the country, and it is not as high as the mass brand, but in fact the car quality is still nothing.

If you want 200,000 to drop 2.0T B-class car, then go see Skoda vectors and Buick Regal.

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