Ready to buy a blessing, 4 new cars listed in June, the money is very eye-catching

Soon, in 2021 over the past half. Over time, in June, facing the sales task in the second half of the year, many car companies have released their big tricks, according to incomplete statistics, in June, about more than 10 new models and improved models . Today, let’s take a look at the four models that are relatively high, ready to buy a blessing.

First: New Baojun Valli

Selling Point: Guoji, a national rescue price of 100,000 yuan

New Baojun Valli is the most hot model in the city. First, because it is the only one of the current airs, the price of the price is 7.98-10.58 million yuan, so that many riders can easily meet their own travers. dream.

The biggest selling point of the new Baojun Valli may be the spacious space prepared for self-driving tour. The body length reaches 4685mm, the rear seat supports purely pouring, and then the trunk is in the back of 1.8 meters, it is a mattress, it is a very good mobile “big bed”, very comfortable when the road is rest . Moreover, it natively supports the roof suitcase, the maximum capacity is up to 500L. Such a big space, even if the family is traveling enough.

Further, the new Baojun Valli basically follows the design style of the new Baojun series, and the star-ranging matrix network and the split headlight can When I saw that the side of the body has a rhymius, C column, and the D column proportion looks just right, and the through taillights in the back of the body look still more fashionable.

Second: SAIC Volkswagen ID.6 x

Selling Point: Large Pure Electric SUV

SAIC Volkswagen Id.6 x is its ID.4x series Upgrade products, the appearance of the product and the interior and ID.4x are very similar, which can be said to be a milk compatriot. The appearance is stable, and there is no exaggerated shape, or it is still a very popular taste. From the texture of the appearance, sell 300,000 yuan, will not feelprice.

The body size is ID.6 x as the biggest advantage of id.4x, which is 4891x1848x1679mm, and the wheelbase is reached. 2965mm, therefore Id.6x has 6 seat layouts, space advantages are quite obvious, catering to current second birth or future three-child home needs.

In terms of battery, the entry model of the mass ID.6 x is 436km, the maximum battery is 580km, which is not a problem, occasionally It is also possible to take over a short drive. Also, ID.6 supports fast charge with 7kW AC and 100KW DC.

However, at around 300,000 yuan, id.6 x should face ideals, Tesla, Xiaopeng, and Weilai and many other new energy car brands, ID.6 x can break through the heavy It is not known.

Session 3: Guangzhou Toyota Ling Shang

Selling: Trumpet Camry

Guangqi Toyota Ling Shang’s appearance is similar to Lei Ling, especially the head and the end of the car This is the case, this similar reason is because it is based on Lei Ling to pull the skin, only 40mm of the bus length is more than 50mm, and the wheelbase is more than 50mm, so it is always a familiar feeling.

Previously, the rear spaces of Rayling had always been a problem that everyone was more ill, after the elongation, Ling Shang’s back row The space has changed, and the overall is more spacious, but there is no qualitative gap. On the configuration, Ling Shang and Lei Ling are almost the same, all of which are relatively thick.

On the power, Ling Shang is equipped with the power assembly of the same 2.0L + CVT in the entrance version of the Camry, which is the largest of Lei Ling. One of the differences is because of this, let Ling Shang have a reputation of “small Camry”. But this operation makes people look fans. Ling Shang’s high-priced model is close to entry CamryThe price, you can get into the door, you can buy Sen Shang Shang. You know, Camry’s driving texture and Ling Shang are not a level.

Sell: Selling Point: Equivalent to Volvo 2.0T Engine

The head of Geely Star is used in the same straight water in the same way. In the gas network, the area of ​​the China network is wide, with a thick chrome trim strip, it seems to be very tough, and it is also in line with large SUV positioning. The body’s posture is relatively steady, and the car tail uses a stylish through tail light. The overall look is still quite good.

In the interior, the most eye-catching portion is a two-line screen design of the longer 100cm formed by the control screen and the officer entertainment screen. The technology is quite enough, so large-sized screens are also very rare on the fuel truck.

The length of the Geey Star is 4770x1895x1689mm, and the wheelbase reaches 2845mm, and the 5 seat layout is made, which makes it very spacious. I believe that a family will not have any problems. .

In terms of power, the Geely Star is equipped with a 2.0T engine of the Volvo Drive-E series, the maximum power 175kW, the maximum torque 350 nmIddot; M, The power is quite good.

The above is the 4 new models that are willing to be listed in June. Which of them is the most heartless? Welcome everyone to comment on.

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