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Real friends, geometric playing and 2021 geometric C first batch of customer delivery ceremony

Mingyue and Jun return, affectionate deep people

On this Mid-Autumn Festival is coming, in order to thank new and old customers, friends have been supporting, September 12, 2021, Guangzhou Maple Xing Geometry Center held “real friends middot; geometric playing and 2021 geometric C’s first customer delivery ceremony”;

Today also prepared a lot of benefits for all guest friends who arrived at the store. The event invited many industrial media, guests and geometric cars to distinguished owners. Let’s take a group of photos to understand the situation at the event!

Activity has been curtains from a very fun and interesting rushing game;


Guangzhou Fengxing Geometry Center General Manager Lai Puezu specially mentioned the global layout and status of Geely Automobile Group, strong strength, and significant strength. Geometric cars is a car brand with Geely, packets, positioning medium and high-end pure electric vehicles, injected into “multi-dimensional, focus, pure” brand genes, creating ultimate environmental protection and safe travel, dedicated to become a global user’s pure electric travel The preferred brand. Open, make life interesting; sharing, let life; geometry, let the car more interesting.

In the event, Mr. Yu Xiaobing, who was sold by Guangzhou Fengxing Geometry Center, introduced 2021 Geometric C

At the same time, Mr. Lai Puzu, General Manager of Guangzhou Fengxing Geometry Center, Mr. Yu Xiaobing, Mr. Zhou Haishu, a total of Mr. Zhou Hawu, has unveiled the mysterious veil of geometric C;

[ 123]

Good car with beauty, you deserve it!

Guangzhou Fengxing Geometry Center has been favored and supported by many friends since July this year. This success is successful, and you will not be accompanied by friends. You use trust to ignite a warmth. Bonfire, you are youHas always support, lead us to a broader side, thank you all the warmth of the warmth

Today event is also very honored to invite the six first batch of geometric C The owner came to the event site, but they bought their own car in Guangzhou Fengxing Geometry Center, but also very honored to get a few recognitions, introduced the big family with friends and family around them; thank customers friends Their recognition of geometric cars and support for Guangzhou Fengxing. Geometric cars, make your life more interesting, life is more exciting! Geometric cars, your wise choice!

is supported and recognized our new and old Customers bring welfare, and the event will send gifts to customers and friends through lucky draw, and they also have a very sincerity to take out several owners who use the goods in the daily car.

The actual arrangement of the teacher on-site guidance customer free production sachet, how to fold the sachet, the briquette, hanging pendants, Everyone exchanges discussions, carefully produces a deep meaningful fragrance, in a pair of hands, one of the three-dimensional full and exquisite sachets, can be given to the family, also when the car is hanging; fragrance The quiet love fragrance is filled, and it is a heart spleen.

Finally, all new and old customers in the scene were invited to receive the Mid-Autumn Mooncake gift boxes customized by Fengxing Group together, and the classic unforgettable moments were taken.

On-site activities are also very hot, the following is partial bookkeeping customers photos:

Finally, all friends of the blessings, Mid-Autumn Festival, Happy family, happy and happy!

[I really last long life]

Geometric A Pro is equipped with Ni55 new NCM523 high-density large-capacity battery pack, one breath runs 600 kilometers without fertility

[True to worry about the whole domain Safety juncture]

Creating 5 layers “Domain Safety Cunge”

From the battery core layer, battery system layer, vehicle protective layer, experimental verification layer to the cloud large data layer, truly To achieve layer protection

Antibacterial Antibacterial Steering Put, PM2.5 filtration system, PM2.5 filtration system AQS ecological filter system and ION air purification system, proper mobile ecotub

Apparatus GKUI EV Corker Intelligent system, intimate human machine interaction design, meet a variety of use scenarios, have L2 + driving assistance, and HUD projection digital flat system integrated with multiple driving assistance information, a 540deg of the blind zone; AR chassis perspective, etc. Driving is more relaxed, safe.

The geometric C new car launched NEDC 400km, NEDC 550km two battery life, a total of 5 models, and the price was priced at 12.98-18.28 million.

A new car continues the multi-flow design language, and the front headlight set has built into 80 LED light sources. The side surface is designed with a suspended roof design, and the door handle uses a hidden design to further reduce the wind resistance coefficient. The tail of the bumper is very identified. The length and width height of the new car is 4432/1833 / 1560mm, the axial distance is 2700mm, and the compact pure electric SUV is positioned.

Dynamic, geometric C is equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous drive motor having a maximum power of 150 kW, maximum torque 310 nm. Electrical energy reserves, new cars provide 400km and 550kmRenewal versions, 400km models can be charged from 30% to 80% from 30 percent, and 550km models can be charged from 30 percent to 80%. At the same time, the new car also has an external discharge function, providing 220V home AC electricity.

Geometry is a new energy industry with temperature, in the new energy industry accelerated by all members, we always adhere to the initial heart of the car, the rush is far, give each The user took warm, considerate, and humanized car experience. At the same time, as the official designated car of the Hangzhou Asian Games, the geometric car will be unveiled. By 2025, the geometric automobile will launch more than 10 new pure electric vehicles, cover cars, SUV, MPV, etc., to meet the needs of our customers, and the geometric automotive advantages are very obvious, including new forces and traditional mainstream vehicles. Double advantage.

Address: No. 162, Guangwen 1 Road, Baiyun District, Guangzhou

Hotline: 020-29073048

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