Renault e Novo joint venture is the cheapest electric car?

oriented to domestic policy as well as market trends, the new energy vehicles, especially electric vehicles will be the main future direction of development, a joint venture brands are also well aware of this. Throughout the pure electric vehicle market, the current positioning of some low, low price of urban transport trolley is particularly popular, but in most cars in this segment are own-brand products. But Renault e Enoch appears seems to change this situation.

the basis of the information level

After soaking up the relevant policies of subsidies, e Connaught price from 61800 yuan to 71,800 yuan range. Power part, Novo E was equipped with a maximum output power of 33 kilowatt electric motor, the peak torque output of 125 Nm 26.8 kWh battery pack may provide 271 km of mileage purely electrically.

worth buying?

start on product strength point of view, the mechanical quality e Enoch although not with the price of own-brand models is better, but on some basic tuning, ergonomic handling and other aspects still very good and because it is itself an SUV models, so in the space, practicality and other aspects also has a good performance, which is one of the reasons e promise to obtain such a high degree of attention. In addition, from the perspective of the brand factor, as a joint venture Renault brand in the minds of some consumers also have higher status, no doubt in the terminal market also has more advantages.

Summary: Barring unforeseen circumstances, e promise indeed is now the cheapest price of the joint venture brand of pure electric vehicles. Product strength, while not very good, but also worthy of its price and its brands. How would you evaluate e promise this car? May as well give us a message in the comments section, we see the next article!

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