Replace the new front face style new Chuanqi GS8 application diagram exposure

A few days ago, the driving line will obtain the new Chuanqi GS8 application chart from the relevant channels. The new car has a comprehensive upgrade and power in terms of appearance. The new car will be equipped with 2.0T engine and Toyota fourth-generation THS hybrid power. System, zero-hell acceleration 6.9S, full oil, battery life, can exceed 1000 kilometers.

The appearance, the new car has been fully upgraded, using a more aggressive design language, and the head position is used to create a multi-angle design. Very young style. Specifically, the large-size air grill is continued, and the internal mixture is contained in a large number of chrome-plated trims. At the same time, both side lamp groups are combined with a fusion design. The interior of the headlights is equipped with a plurality of rectangular LED light sources, which look very atmospheric.

Dimensional, the new car is 4980 mm, the width is 1950 mm, high is 1780 mm, the shaft distance is 2920 mm, and the supply is 2000 kg / 2030 kg. The new legendary GS8 is close to the corner 18deg;, leave the angle 23deg; tire specification 255/55 R19, 255/50 R20.

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