Road coffee Comment: BYD lithium iron phosphate, a comeback is the biggest winner?


for some time, electric vehicles in the domestic auto market set off a wave of car prices for most of the transformation of the electric car R & D and production launch have made a very clear strategy and planning, but for a pure electric vehicle, it is the core part of battery power, after all, a good battery can not only bring more to the product long battery life, but also be more perfect in the use of cost, service life and safety.

for car prices, choose a suitable battery may be a plus for their products, so for the purchase of batteries, car prices also have different needs, currently on the market for two more mainstream battery species a ternary lithium iron phosphate and the other is a lithium battery, however, from the current data, the choice of lithium iron phosphate cheqi also the proportion of the rise.

to enhance the proportion of lithium iron phosphate

Recently, the Ministry of Industry in 2019 the eighth installment of “new energy vehicles promote the use of recommended models directory” published, including 5 models the optional iron phosphate lithium battery comprising Chery ant energy new models, which used the current model ternary lithium iron phosphate lithium battery replacement. In fact, in the context of the subsidy back slope, electric cars keep security concerns, a number of car prices again aimed at the lithium iron phosphate batteries, after all, after many considerations for performance, cost, market, part of car prices eventually chose Lithium iron phosphate battery.

In addition, from 2019 the Ministry of Industry has released several batches of “directory” point of view, lithium iron phosphate ancillary equipment car share has gradually improved. This year the first batch of “directory”, supporting optional lithium iron phosphate battery models are 73 models, accounting for 50%; this year, the second batch of “directory”, supporting optional lithium iron phosphate battery models have 49 models, accounting for 58.3%; this year, the third installment in the “directory”, supporting optional lithium iron phosphate battery models are 164 models, accounting for 61.9%; this year, the fourth installment of “directory”, supporting optional lithium iron phosphate pool models are 244, accounting for 69.7%. Difficult to find in this yearSelected on battery power, increasingly more inclined cheqi iron phosphate lithium battery.

The choice of a growing number of car prices partly because the lithium iron phosphate because of its safety performance is relatively good, reflecting consider the security needs of this market has to a certain extent, we also you can see that more and more small pure electric cars is almost all chose the higher cost of their products as lithium iron phosphate battery power.

each have advantages both cells

In fact, ternary lithium and lithium iron phosphate of both cells there is no absolute overwhelming, but each has its own characteristics, ternary lithium energy density, and the advantage that both the cold resistance, the energy density in the ternary lithium battery because of the high voltage, energy density to achieve substantially 240WH / kg, almost iron phosphate lithium battery 140WH / kg, 1.7 times. The second is that the low temperature resistance, ternary lithium low temperature lower limit value of minus 30 degrees, compared to the lithium iron phosphate at a low temperature of minus 20 degrees advantage limit.

and the advantages of lithium iron phosphate that is, the security will be higher, because the thermal runaway temperature of the lithium iron phosphate generally more than 500 degrees, ternary lithium is less than 300 degrees, a number of high temperature nickel batteries thermal runaway even less than 200 degrees, compared to the spontaneous combustion of lithium iron phosphate car at high speed and lower the risk of rapid charging process , followed by the second is a longer cycle life, because the iron phosphate lithium battery charge and discharge cycles greater than 3500 times before begins to decay, that the useful life of up to ten years or so, but three yuan lithium battery charge and discharge cycles compared with only 2,000 times, which means that the service life of only 6 years, more prominent in the life of the last is cheaper to produce, since lithium iron phosphate is not precious metal, and thus lower production costs.

insist on lithium iron phosphate BYD

We all know that China’s own brand BYD, which is a unique technological advantage in the field of battery research and development. BYD is a battery-started in the past, and in the field of lithium iron phosphate BYD also insisted for a long time, so why valued BYD lithium iron phosphate battery, because the lithium iron phosphate batteryInherent advantages, namely high stability, the price is relatively cheap. Although, the energy density of lithium iron phosphate lithium battery is still less than three yuan. But started out as a field of BYD lithium iron phosphate has been no study to give up.

2018, BYD lithium iron phosphate has said monomer energy density can be achieved 165Wh / kg, inclusion 140Wh / kg. The next two years, the planning of the monomer energy density of lithium iron phosphate increased to more than 180Wh / kg, up to inclusion 160Wh / kg. This means that BYD iron phosphate lithium batteries, has been substantive breakthrough.

If we say that BYD achieve a single upgrade the energy density of lithium iron phosphate, then it is likely to break short of their original driving range of shortcomings, and improve the mileage of the future, BYD and other lithium iron phosphate products, are equipped with the very good advantage, on the one hand, the use of the vehicle, its performance is more prominent, and the other is can effectively reduce manufacturing costs, so the price of the product itself obtained greater competitive advantage.

Therefore, from the market point of view, is closely related to the application of lithium iron phosphate and subsidies for new energy vehicles, after all, affected by the new energy subsidies back slope of a number of new energy car prices have started to play their own price war, and has many years of experience in manufacturing batteries BYD will be more handy.

in the future may develop in parallel

In general, most companies made up point or focus on a ternary lithium batteries, such as Ningde era, such as BAK Battery power battery companies are force three yuan lithium battery products. As for the lithium iron phosphate batteries, the energy density is the biggest challenge of lithium iron phosphate. From the present perspective, it is not as fast as three yuan battery used in energy density over a larger life models, however, lithium iron phosphate batteries still have their own characteristics, which are widely used in a large number of commercial vehicles.

can be seen as new energy subsidies gradually withdraw slope, 2018 development is not dominant iron phosphate lithium has beenCounterattack trend. In addition to the use of commercial vehicles, lithium iron phosphate also further expand the scope of application, whether or ternary lithium iron phosphate battery as long as the core technology support, will Yangchangbuduan the long term, common development Meanwhile, two models of the battery will find their own position in the market, and more widely applied to automotive products go.

wrote at the end of the text

can be seen, when the mileage for the new energy electric vehicle body, the market share of lithium iron phosphate gradually decline, but when energy car allowance back slope increasing the intensity, given the pressure to reduce costs and prices, car prices again turned his eyes again turned to lower-cost lithium iron phosphate batteries. In order to create a more close to the people and the price is lower cost models.

Thus, the present for both, in fact, not everyone more competitive, but look at what kind of battery is more adapted to the development of their products and businesses, I believe that with the continuous development of technology, science and technology continues to progress, and ternary lithium iron phosphate lithium battery can find their own market, after all, is the new energy automobile power battery indispensable foundation.

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