Road coffee Comment: Changan Automobile sales rose 35 percent in December interpretation is just the beginning?

2019 full year, China’s total sales of passenger cars narrowly about 20,697,600, down 7.4 percentage year on year, the decline was greater than in 2018, winter still. But under winter sales data brisk performance of the car prices are not a minority.

Recently, the major car firms have been released by their sales data in 2019, the data show that in 2019, the Department of China Changan brand total sales of over 1.28 million, compared with 1.5 million last year, a decline, but still in the industry-leading level. Among them, the Department of Chinese brand Chang’an December sales of 150,361, up 35 percentage rose, growth of 11.6 percentage.

SUV matrix performance is extremely eye-catching

From the current point of view, the Department of China Changan brand’s product lineup can be described as very rich, SUV, car, MPV, as well as new energy vehicles are covered, from the year 2019 performance, the performance of the Department of China Changan brand SUV matrix of the most dazzling, December sales performance is more amazing.

In December, Changan SUV family a total of three cars sales break million, of which, Chang’an CS75 sales of 28620 units, up 287.5 percentage, growth of 5.1 percentage; Chang’an CS35 sales of 16389 units, up 20.8 percentage , growth of 2.5 weight percent; Chang CS55 sold 11,148 units, an increase of 32 percentage growth of 2.0 weight percent.

full year performance, thanks to the blessing PLUS models, Chang’an CS75 series of annual total sales of 193,227, an increase of 38 percentage. Chang’an CS55 series of annual total sales of 112,219. Small SUV CS35 series of annual total sales of 141,701, an increase of 7.8 percentage.

to remove the SUV outside the camp, Changan Department of Chinese brand cars in the field of performance also quite Aspect, moving Yat series in December 2019 to 10,325 sales, up 97.9 percentage, growth of 2.2 percentage full year total sales reached 124,024. The average monthly 1Million units sold, let Yi is moving in this short board Chinese independent car models foothold.

2019 Houjinshizu

Although Changan Automobile sales in 2019 worked out very well, but the year Changan Automobile performance, Changan brand of China in the first half of 2019 and six months after the great contrast, negative growth in the first six months, half a year after entering the state of affairs of the steady growth of the last two months of sales is more substantial year on year rise .

while sales on Changan brand of China’s rise, there are many reasons, of course, six months after the launch of new models, is the most critical factor.

we have to admit that with the arrival of PLUS models have really let the Department of Chinese Changan brand new models more competitive, especially in Chang’an CS35 PLUS and Chang’an CS75 PLUS, but also for the two models It resulted in an exceptional sales growth. With the upgrade of force, the Department of China Changan brand vehicles also began to be concerned more consumers.

The same service is one thing, not difficult to see the latest action from the point of view of Changan Automobile, in order to increase consumer confidence, to prove his new models of product strength, particularly in the power system, Changan new products are available a long warranty policy, Chang’an CS75 PLUS, for example, it is the engine core components provide a 10-year / 30 km long warranty, you must admit, it has a very big temptation for consumers.

In addition, the key is to enhance the prestige of Changan Automobile sales growth in 2019. PLUS Series models launched accompanied by a significantly improved product line models Changan force, market-proven, Changan Automobile in the mass base also has a very good reputation and achievements, do not forget, compared to similar models of Chinese brands look Changan Department of car do better open.

written in the last

a variety of factors contributed to Changan Automobile sales in 2019 after half a year of growth, with further coverage Changan Automobile PLUS series and force in the new field of energy, to have a good advantage in the product strength and reputation of Changan auto, its future performance is still very AspectFrom 2019 after six months of Changan automobile performance, Changan Automobile in 2020, there may be a very good result.

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