Road coffee Comment: completion of the capital Chang’an mix change Shangri-La plans to further accelerate?

this year, from the performance of the domestic new energy vehicle market point of view, achieving the desired effect has basically become a reality, although the market depends on many factors, but the current market point of view, the policy remains the key to development, the traditional car prices, restructuring and electrification are already irreversible trend. Therefore, in order to achieve the development of new energy vehicles, each car prices continues to seek new ideas.

can be seen as a traditional car camp Changan Automobile, the most recent action is relatively large, first from Changan Peugeot Citroen to 1.36 billion yuan as a reserve price for sale 50 percentage stake in the joint venture, and then in the new energy company, and actively introduce strategic investors.

Recently, Changan Automobile announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary of Chongqing Changan New Energy Automobile Technology Co., Ltd. plans to introduce four strategic investor capital increase. According to the announcement shows that the capital increase using public listing, venue for the Shanghai United Assets and Equity Exchange. As of publication of the notice when, already including the Nanjing Branch of China, long the new fund, the fund two rivers, the South industrial funds, including four strategic investors intent submitted registration materials, and pay a deposit, were planned capital increase 1 billion 1 billion yuan , 740 million yuan, 100 million yuan.

Changan new energy mix to change the landing

Changan New Energy this financing in November 2019 completed, introduction of long new equity funds, two rivers fund, Southern Industrial Fund, the Nanjing Branch of output to input, etc. including four strategic investors, shareholders intending to four cumulative increase 2.84 billion yuan. So far, Changan new energy mix change replenishment strategy also completed the landing.

Previously, the SASAC announcement that has issued the “central enterprises operating mixed ownership reform guidance,” clearly the the basic operating procedures for quot; mixed capital quot; asset audit assessment process, through the equity market implementation of mixed change, through the stock market, the implementation of the relevant provisions mix change, working procedures, focusing on issues such as has been described, a clear shift business the main contents of the operating mechanism, and a focus on content, relevant regulations and guidelines related workDetailed description.

and Changan new energy mix is ​​a finalist in the fourth installment of the national reform pilot list of central enterprises, but also the first company to achieve hybrid car central enterprises reform of ownership.

Shangri-La plans

In 2017, when Changan Automobile unveiled its quot; Shangri-La plans quot ;, Meanwhile, Changan New Energy New Energy also launched several new areas of energy products covering new energy vehicle segments, while Yi moving EV also repeated purchase of the enterprise, Wenzhou city government, as well as travel platform team, in terms of product strength and reputation, won the general trust of the market and consumers.

Changan new energy mix change before the capital increase landing on the relatively weak sales performance, competitiveness in the market also slightly less. Today’s capital mix change over, apparently to make the Shangri-La plans to further accelerate.

the development of new energy vehicles

Although, Changan New Energy is not rosy in the data representation recent months, however, we can still see, Chang is still actively layout electric vehicle segments, whether it is the upcoming Chang’an CS15 E-Pro, Guangzhou auto show world debut of Chang’an Chang’an E-Rock or E-Star, all of which will put on the market. It is reported that these three products will be unpublished and another flagship product, E-Life of the E family.

According to previous plan, Changan Changan will launch a new platform for electric energy in 2020 to improve the industrial layout . In addition, Chang also plans new energy in the next three years, it has invested 10 billion yuan, accelerating the exclusive platform to build new energy and depth of integration of new energy and intelligent.

Changan Automobile also said that it will continue to accelerate after the capital increase quot; Shangri-La plans quot; layout floor implementation, implementation requires long-term development goals. At the same time, the establishment of corporate governance in line with market demand, management system and operational mechanism, enhance the new energy technology company’s core competitiveness, boost new energy vehiclesAccelerate business development.

wrote at the end of the text

Since June 25 this year, New Energy subsidies back slope, new energy vehicle sales continued to slump, while multi-factor for new energy car prices also increasingly test the more severe, so Changan introduction of strategic investors by way of listing capital increase, and after the completion of the capital increase, will also bring up the impact of Changan new energy, but also to the future development of Changan new energy injected a shot in the arm.

With the development of the automotive industry, new energy vehicles will also be a car enterprises will compete, the market competition will be more intense, but the company also hopes to Chang’an capital increase, to accelerate the integration of new energy automotive industry chain resources, and continue to expand the industrial chain development space, the final completion of a comprehensive transformation of electrification.

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