Road coffee Comment: Renault push hydrogen fuel extended range electric car to change the traditional new energy landscape?

a new leaf since the energy models in China’s rapid development, the major car firms investment in power technology research has also continued to increase more substantive progress, in order to be found in the field of electric vehicles and batteries, however, for battery technology, the charging efficiency and energy density are its biggest bottleneck until With the introduction of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, which class models before allowing new energy vehicles on the life and energy density thoroughly to achieve a breakthrough.

Renault has recently launched two new electric range extender with a hydrogen fuel commercial vehicle, Kangoo ZE Hydrogen and Master ZE Hydrogen, hydrogen fuel range extender with the help of new car endurance standards WLTP under mileage were added to 370 km and 350 km.

Reynolds hydrogen fuel cells different from

have a different market and production of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, Renault both 33kWh car itself is equipped with a battery pack, in this increasing a power of 10kW based on hydrogen fuel cell extender, thereby increasing mileage of the vehicle. Currently, Kangoo ZE Hydrogen’s mileage up to 370 kilometers (standard under WLTP), and 120 kilometers Master ZE Hydrogen Mileage increased from the original 350 km, Mileage turned nearly tripled.

Reynolds said car 5-10 minutes may fill up the fuel, hydrogen and oxygen combine to produce electrical energy, may be Quick as a vehicle to replenish their energy, logistics truck is ideal for large cities, urban delivery vehicles. It is reported that, Kangoo ZE Hydrogen expected to be available by the end of 2019, while the Master ZE Hydrogen is expected in the first half of 2020.

advantage of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles

In fact, hydrogen fuel electric car I did not no stranger, several years ago, it launched the first Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel electric vehicles, while car and fuel new energy vehicles and the biggest difference is the hydrogen fuel carType uses liquid hydrogen as a power and energy, and it is currently on the market the popular hybrid car is quite similar, but in a sense, it is also very different, the principle that power is similar to electricity by a set of the energy distribution of the hybrid drive unit assigned to the motor and the battery, thereby driving the driving motor to power the vehicle, simply put, is hydrogen into the hydrogen tank of a fuel cell in the reaction means, the intake air and the natural reaction of electrical energy, thereby driving the normal running of the vehicle.

hydrogen fuel cars will not only provide great mileage of the vehicle is an electric vehicle can be more efficient in the process of hydrogenation fuels to an example of Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel added to conventional fuel process similar to the way the car refueling, compared to pure electric vehicles, its advantage is more convenient, even if pure electric car charging in fast speed, also need ten minutes before the battery charge to 80 percentage, while Toyota Mirai only 3-5 minutes to fill up fuel.

so for such models, it has the advantage of greater efficiency and battery life, but we can see its price, although this car in terms of power products to be more excellent, but we can see that price, indeed higher than the pure electric version of the model.

China’s supporting industries imperfect

At the same time, although for the development of fuel cell vehicles in China has been more emphasis, and for such a good technology it can be expected prospects are very However, the process of the commercialization of fuel cell vehicles model there are many problems, after all, the structure of a conventional fuel vehicles or pure electric vehicles, fuel cells car has a set of relatively independent complex dynamic system, which also led directly to the fuel increase the cost of the car battery.

In addition, since the hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are chemical energy into electrical energy, the source of hydrogen and oxygen required Therefore, the hydrogen tank and oxygen in the intake system provided, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles also important peripheral member, and the hydrogen storage efficiency of the air compressor technology has become the key technology.

Techniques and BackSurgery itself, the popularity of the program still need to use hydrogen-powered passenger cars amounted to touch more consumers rely on commercial vehicles is difficult to achieve, therefore, based on independent research and technology to enhance the hydrogen fuel cell power system, is still imminent. At present, hydrogen refueling stations and other support facilities are relatively rare in the convenience of refueling and fuel vehicles are far compared. And if the expansion and distribution of hydrogen fuel station will need to invest a lot of manpower and material resources for its business model, it is not so easily be able to achieve.

wrote at the end of the text

can be seen, hydrogen fuel extended range electric car certainly has its advantages, fast charging speed, fuel efficiency comparable to the car, while the availability of extended range reserves may be greater endurance mileage of electric cars, but now relatively mature compared to pure electric vehicle, it can not at this stage rapid application also contain its pace of development.

Therefore, the present, in order to achieve rapid replace traditional fuel-powered, electric car batteries to accelerate technology bottlenecks, seek more breakthrough, and for hydrogen fuel vehicles will need to further the whole industry chain development and improvement.

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