Rolls Royce Culland’s most luxurious and expensive SUV

Cullinan, as the most practical model in the Rolls Royce car family, can be described as the only new army in the market, which is the new army of the Rolls-Royce family. Improve the Rolls Royce family product line, of course, it is also the most luxurious and expensive SUV model in history. This is “Curi Nan”, as the world’s largest diamond, Rolls Royce uses it to name the new car, refresh again The definition of luxury in the SUV industry, and it also became a benchmark.

Rolls-Royce Culland compared to the tradition of the appearance, in addition to the luxury, in addition to the luxury, also implanted more freshness, first large The wood grain design and leather lays a luxury sense of the new car. Secondly, the new LCD screen and digitized central control panel quietly tell people that it keeps pace with the times.

Fars-Royce Cuiri is designed in front of the front, and it has a very good logic and neatness. It has a good level of hardship from top to bottom. Linear front desk, then integrated typographic meter, central control screen, and plate. Then the next layer is a wooden grade panel and air conditioner that is integrated with a whole piece of wooden board. According to the Rolls Royce, the wood grain panels on the Niki nanuse are completely different, and the only texture is used. The car is a tree.

Rolls Royce Culland is the first full-time four-wheel drive model in the history of Rolls Royce, and provides all topographic models, whether it is a bumpy track. Sandstone road, wet grass, mud road, snow, sand, sand, no need to manually switch according to road conditions. After the new front double-binary arm, the five-link suspension system can suppress the lateral tilt, with four-wheel steering system, bring excellent driving stability and manipulating agility, very worthy of starting.

Rolls Royce Culland and the new phantom share the latest V12 power, gave up the naturally charged V12 engine that has been used, turns new design 6.75L double turbocharged V12 engine. The maximum power is 570 horsepower, which is responsible for transmitting the power of the ZF EF 8-speed automatic transmission. Strong V12 engine speed, we don’t have to doubt, but also the development ideas of Curina are “steady” words, speeding up, it is, it will not be shocked.Let the passengers in the car, it is quiet, it is like a pedestrian.

The tail section of Rolls Royce Culland is more simple, and it is not used to decorate too ornate. The use of metal exhaust pipes and anti-impact skateboards declares that the Luxury is not only pursuing the luxury design, the power and performance is also paying attention to it. The iconic Patnong Temple style grill has also been inherited in Curia.

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