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Rolls-Royce or publishing a hybrid weight concept car will achieve “green” mining in the future

Recently, some overseas media reports, Rolls-Royce or to introduce a new concept car for the large-scale mining operations, the car will be powered by a hybrid system, to reduce the large mining trucks carbon emissions, the news has been a lot of people’s attention.

The new concept will be equipped with a lower power a diesel engine and electric motor combination do, pure diesel engine performance remains unchanged. According to Rolls-Royce said, the hybrid system may also reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 20 percent to 30 percent, of course, it also depends on the terrain, after the mining site to the flat road surface it is different from the energy consumed. In addition, if the traveling downhill, the vehicle-mounted battery can be charged by the kinetic energy recovery.

In fact, before this, Rolls-Royce’s parent company BMW formally put forward the concept of renewable resources, which BMW i Vision Circular 100 concept car on the use of the percentage of renewable materials, and the percentage may be 100 Recycle. Heavy concept car Rolls-Royce is to achieve the first step towards this ambitious goal, including the mining industry. At the same time, rare earth metals demand is also increasing, while “green” mining is bound to become the most environmentally friendly way.

It is understood, MTU and Rolls-Royce manufacturers are investing heavily in new sources of energy, because the company hopes to achieve zero carbon mining business, and micro-grid, sustainable fuel, fuel cells and hydrogen energy engine the field of mining exploration method to eliminate carbon emissions can take many forms, but electric cars will not be the only solution.

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