Ruifeng, why can it define China MPV?

In the 20th year of joining the WTO, we also felt the leap of China’s economic development. From GDP, we surpass ASEAN, Japan and lead the world’s per capita GDP value, and the dividend of this era also allows our automotive industry to develop rapidly.

, there is also a car in China Brand brand ushered in our twentieth anniversary! This is the Ruifeng car from the Jiangqi Group. Since the login market in 2002, the Ruifeng brand has passed the 20th year of the high-speed development of the domestic auto industry. From the initial “technical payment” to the brand, “comprehensive self-research”, 20 years, many users are the witnesses of the Ruifeng brand series.

Why is Ruifeng? After all, in the 20th year of the market, the market demand bonus brought by the development of industrial and economic development is fair to all car brands! But can accurately inspect the consumer market, understand the pain points of the demand, it is not easy!

What did the Ruifeng brand do?

In 2002, the market is in light passengers The products are gradually transition to MPV multi-function cars.

The total market has spread rapidly, which brings opportunities to new brands and new products. At that time, as a representative of the MPV market, Buick GL8 increased by nearly 70% year-on-year, Guangzhou Honda Odyssen listed in mid-April, and nearly 8,000 units in mid-6 months; compared to the traditional light bus such as gold cup, Southeast Golden Cap gradually Exited the mainstream consumer market.

In the era of the economy, the joint venture brand “Changqing Tree” in Odyssen in the era, GL8, and Odyssen shows their charm. However, they also have a certain threshold for the consumer market. As the Prime Minister said in 2020, “there is 600 million months to income 1000 yuan.” Returning for twenty years, what kind of product positioning and price will be the preferred MPV preferred in Proir, and the launch of the Ruifeng series has become the answer to most people.

4508 Taiwan! This is the full-year sales score of Ruifeng’s 9 months in 2002. How to judge? In today’s three million car sales markets, the new power of the head will only get the sales score, but it is just the starting point for the Ruifeng brand. It is important to know that the total sales of domestic passenger cars in 2002 is more than 3 million.

Of course, such contrasts are less appropriate, but the data ratio has its persuasion. Today, the product attributes of the economy, practicality, and large space continue to date by the whole model of Ruifeng Automobile.

take 2021 Ruifeng M4 for example: The second row is standard 360 degree rotatable seat, the third row of seats, which makes the ride space more and practical, both for passenger travel, can also meet the occasional family leisure; It is standardized by LED day running lights, reversing radar, including ESC, blind spot monitoring system, lane offset system, pre-collision warning, automatic emergency brake, etc. Active safety device is also bonded to this 10-15 million-level MPV model .

This is a zoom. A mpv of a wheelbase is 3.08 meters, from space, taking into account commercial, combined with two dimensions, multi-purpose and high quality and excellent products are the foundation of the product, and the value of the user needs is the power of iteration. More importantly, the price of 2021 Ruifeng M4 always allows the threshold of the consumer market to hold the people.The interval. There is no doubt that 2021 Ruifeng M4 is a multi-purpose and cost-effective MPV. The new car continues Ruifeng Automobile since 2002, it has given consumers’ functions, affordable car choices.

adaptation to the market Demand changes

The 20th year of GDP rapid development, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs users are one of the most loyal users of Ruifeng Automotive. IKEAP’s four words are the most urgent needs of entrepreneurship users. However, consumers have changed in the past two decades in the past two decades.

From the beginning of a pure load manned person, to the last decade, more and more scenes of business travel, this will be the demand of Ruifeng Automobile according to the market development Change the direction of continuous farming.

In the 20th anniversary of the Ruifeng brand, Ruifeng Motors released their brand thinking about the future of the Guangzhou Auto Show last year.

Ruifeng officially became a river The company’s independent car brand will continue to focus on the MPV market in the future, and the new independent brand identification “refine” will be enabled. At the same time, the two major product systems of the L series and M series are launched on the basis of existing products, and the accurate satisfaction of different market demand is achieved.

From the full scene of the product to the requirements of the demand subdivision, this will be Ruifeng today in the automotive market. The brand is stronger.

L Series launched in the background of Ruifeng brand focused on business vehicles, the main business market, focusing on medium and high-end business travel products, strengthening comfortable space, smooth manipulation, intelligent security, and M series Focus on commercial and use-to-use markets, pay attention to the spatial practicality and fuel economy of manned people, fully meet the efficient, energy-saving and reliable value demand for commercial customers.

Under the new product sequence, 2021 Ruifeng M4 has further improved the product layout of Ruifeng brand, strengthens overall competitive advantage, which also makes Ruifeng in the new market. There is better competitiveness in the environment, helping Ruifeng quickly advances towards “high-value programs service providers”.


Write in the last

witnessed the development of the China Auto Market, the Ruifeng brand has experienced the economic and the leap of the car increment in the millennium. . At the same time, Ruifeng has passed the impact in these twenty years, and still maintains a health and sustainable development situation, plus the quality system blessings introduced by the public after deepening cooperation, and also makes its brand, product strength can be better displayed. .

Next 20 years, Ruifeng Motors will also get wider on the road of MPV segment, let us wait and see.

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