“Runflat” Did not you want to install your car can be installed

car run-flat tires as tire derived from the ordinary new car tires, originally used in the military field, gradually began to civilian use, and gradually become the exclusive high-end luxury cars, but in recent years because of the maturity of the technology and its manufacturing costs , prices began dropping gradually applied in a number of mid-size car, many consumers are aware of this flat tires. But run-flat tires really that good? Among many consumers in the use of anti-puncture process we encountered many problems, and in the true and false identification of run-flat tires, many consumers are still very confused, or let us come to know about the genuineness of these years in our lives the run-flat tires.

What is the car-flat tires?

Anti flat tire is not a real explosion, but in the case of car tires occur, leakage bursting, still be able to travel to support rescue service points, will not be as supportive of car tires sudden drop, resulting in a rollover car out of control situation occurs at high speeds. Flat tires to the official scientific name is also called run-flat tires, a lot of cars on the configuration tables are mostly equipped with this name. In fact, many of the instantaneous burst puncture point at the junction of the tread and the sidewall of the tire, when the tire loses support, if the data to support the vehicle wheel will be out of control. Because of the need to provide some support in the moment of puncture, the sidewall is thicker and implanted layers of fibers in the production process of NT, improve the supporting, because of relatively rigid sidewalls, it is necessary in the manufacturing when adding some flexibility agent, allowed full toughness.

Since the sidewall is relatively hard, strong support, so too is the use of a relatively large blast flatness ratio of the design, which allow a certain lost runflat tire Save shock comfort, and luxury cars generally have a more powerful suspension system, the natural shock absorbing characteristics of the tire damage is not so sensitive, so common in luxury cars.

flat tire with the ordinary vacuum tire has some differences with the casing, tube, spare inner tube, a gas generator, the pressure sensor, and other electronic control components on the structure, which let the cost is higher than ordinary tires.

Anti flat tire, distinguish between true and false

It isBecause of the high cost of the car run-flat tires, consumers are optional run-flat tires need to pay relatively high costs, many unscrupulous businesses will naturally take general anti-puncture tires to pretend to sell, or even produce false-flat tires. Identification of shoddy quality of run-flat tires, you need to use hardness tester and other professional equipment, so in order to put an end to this phenomenon, consumers had better go to a professional tire shop or 4s shop replaced.

Identification of the normal tire with run-flat tire, typically two methods:

Method a: identifying a specification of the tire side automobiles symbol sequence, is no ordinary tire specifications red envelope symbol table, and various vendors for security for these symbols are also different, if post-consumer unscrupulous traders are printed these symbols can be discerned by touch, the original twins arising from the relatively hard feel symbol. Manufacturers commonly Ex-mark: Pirelli R-F, Ma licensing SSR, Bridgestone RFT, Michelin ZP, Dunlop ROF.

The second method is determined by the stiffness of the tire sidewall, tread net exposure of fetal position is relatively thick and relatively hard, hard pressed by pressing the thumb like, and even a normal tire unscrupulous traders is hardened by vulcanization or the like, can achieve the same hardness, but the color and the color of the tread surface can be significantly different.

it is necessary to modify the car run-flat tires do

it is necessary that we as an ordinary consumer level compact family car modified anti-puncture it? As a functional anti-puncture tires at high speed on the safety and reliability has certain advantages, and because the tread rather hard, so the wear resistance is superior to ordinary tires. But the car in the comfort of run-flat tires is not dominant, if your car, in terms of suspension tuning is not professional, it is best not to modify run-flat tires.
runflat must be designed with only works hub, the hub common edge can not be guaranteed in the state of a run-flat tire is firmly fixed to the hub, there is one point of the vehicle tire pressure monitoring system must be configured to the naked eye can not determine whether the lack of tire gas.

level luxury car factory is not equipped with run-flat tires, run-flat tires in the late 4s shop can be optional, but be careful not to flat ratioTo much, because the domestic different road conditions, than large flat runflat extremely prone to damage, especially after some Goukan road, by some impact damage can occur.

Anti flat tire is not a panacea

-flat tire industry specializing in surgery, but is not a panacea, he was exactly what are the disadvantages?

The first is the maintenance inconvenient, because the anti flat tire sidewall is fairly robust, with ordinary tire machine, and can not be perfect to remove it, you need professional equipment dismantled. And a run-flat tire damage occurred, if the replacement of a normal tire replacement, since four tires of different lateral support, resulting in driving in a curve, the car appears abnormal manipulation, a runflat assembly so many luxury cars are not equipped with apparatus tire. And tire shop in some areas and not run-flat tires.

Second, because the run-flat tire weight is relatively large, an increase of unsprung mass, some sports cars will affect their control. And when some bad road surface is also more prone to damage. Run-flat tires is the best driving road highway, but also the nature of its design: because of leakage and prevent rollover and other accidents at high speeds.

Anti flat tire how much money a

Anti flat tire prices and costs are generally 1.5 times the normal tires, such a high price when the daily driving also requires maintenance, only good tire maintenance, can save your life if necessary.

First, clean up the gap runflat tire stones and other debris, followed by washing detergent as well as minimize the use of oxidizing species in the tire washing, the occurrence and runflat Although the damage can offer about 100 km mileage, but in time to repair, replacement, driving the last car explosion-proof tire life, although higher than normal tires but we still have to pay attention to the timely replacement.

Technology things always bring a safer environment for us, run-flat tires will also contribute greater strength for our travel safety.

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