SAIC Datong sells 36,000 units in the first quarter of 2021, a year-on-year increase of 131 percent

Author Xun network report ] In March 2021, SAIC SAIC sales 16,309 units, a year-on-year increase of 112 percent. At this point, in the first quarter of 2021, the total sales volume of Shangqi Datong was 35,831, a year-on-year increase of 131 percent.

In the field of wide body, SAIC Tarm has sold 7,881 units in March, an increase of 96%. Ev90, V90, V80, V80 Plus, available on February 28, continue to play the product advantage, especially in the current rapid development of the logistics, four cars with their own unique quality, to achieve ldquo for operators; Self-interest in RDQUO; Based on this, SAIC Datong wide-body passengers sell 15,826 units in the first quarter, consolidating the leading advantages of SAIC Tatong in the wide body.

In the field of MPV, Shangqi Datong uses mobile business custom experts G20, business MPV G10, all-round home travel MPV G50 and other models, all-round cover MPV segmentation, March Sales 4,275 units. On March 10th, SAIC Tria Tria is launched against the G50 Plus launched by the big family travel scene.

In March, the new season, a variety of heavy models fully attack.

March 31, SAIC Trin T90 (nickname ldquo; on the auto cattle rdquo;) listed, new car power has 500 cow middot; rice large torque, 160 kW of maximum power, maximum climb 100 Percentage, and has the ability to 3.5 tons of maximum traction quality, with super-luxury, super intelligent, super-energy quality, to create a more comprehensive experience. LDQUO; upper sauce rdquo; listing, further expanded the above-mentioned steam T60, T70 is LDQUO; the palery camp of the main RDQUO; while enhancing the brand competitiveness, it will also promote the sustained hot sale of the pickup family.

ChileMulti-market market share, global stage show ldquo; national tide rdquo ;.

In the overseas market, Shangqi Datong also has a good performance. In March, 4,014 overseas, especially Chile, SAIC Datong has made breakthroughs in multiple market segments in the local area. The end retail of March broke through thousands. Among them, pickup performance is particularly excellent, the city share is over 18%, and the market share of the first quarter of the first quarter is successfully taken for 3 consecutive months.

In the new energy market, SAIC EV30 (Overseas version said e Deliver 3) and EV80 sales in electric vehicle segment market terminal sales are also the first, accounting for 1/3 terminal market of electric vehicles.

In March, there are also a variety of models listed on the market. MDSH; T60 single-pressure diesel version, T60 Chile mining area special edition landing in the Chilean market; the Middle East market, N2 Turnd Datong EV90 (overseas version Maxus e Deliver 9) is listed in Israel in Israel, providing a more convenient, green travel for local logistics systems; Asian market, SAIC EV30 (referred to as E DELIVER 3) is released in Singapore. As of now, the total sales of nearly 100,000 overseas markets, and the products have all 50 countries and regions in Overseas, the five core markets in Australia, the Americas, Europe, ASEAN and the Middle East. While hot sale, SAIC Perseverance adheres to ldquo; differentiated rdquo; continuously improves product matrix, consumers who have different market segments to make high quality products that match their earnest needs.

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