SAIC Volkswagen New Hui Ang listed 407,000 yuan can enjoy air suspension

[ Juxun Wang reported ] 2020 November 19, Shanghai Volkswagen Volkswagen brand new listing of Hui Ang, guide price 340,000 yuan -44.6 million. Luxury car Edition, GLS, Ultimate three model version, the engine is mounted 2.0T, matching 7-speed dual clutch transmission. Currently ordered three years can enjoy 0 interest rates, the insurance discount, the replacement subsidy, basic maintenance and many other respected manners.

Ang Hui is Shanghai Volkswagen in 2016 in the launch of a large sedan, the flagship of the Volkswagen brand represents strength. The listing of the new Hui Ang, using the world’s latest Volkswagen design language, the first use of LED light LOGO and a combination of air suspension with level rare 2.0T longitudinal engine and adaptive, to bring the quality of public flagship new style.

Hui Ang length, width and height respectively 5074times; 1893times; 1489 mm, 3009 mm wheelbase.

Appearance, car design increases lateral Grille tape on the grid, the rear lighting headlight shape perfect binding.

At the rear, is a new design streamer dynamic taillights, more modern visual effects to bring dynamic lighting effects. Coupled with the new LOGO and ldquo; PHIDEONrdquo; plates, but also highlights its noble status.

New-Angti rim for both sizes. New 19-inch large-size wheels using two-color surface finishing technology, 18-inch wheels are more dynamic fashion modeling.

Power, with enhanced third generation EA888 2.0T turbocharged engine, in the form of a vertical position, the maximum power of 165 kilowatts, the maximum torque of 350 Nm, speed matching 7 a dual clutch transmission.

GLS and adaptive Ultimate with air suspension, the vehicle body capable ofHeight adjustable hard and soft suspension and to provide more personalization options while maintaining a comfortable ride. When the vehicle is traveling over rough roads and dramatic swing, quickly adjust vehicle attitude based on road conditions, so that occupants feel smooth.

Inside, the use of color with shallow depths, using a large-area soft packet processing.

configuration, quite bright 360 degrees Aerial panoramic visual driving assistance, the vehicle circumferential image recording through across the body 4 ultra-wide definition fisheye camera, formed a plan view of the panoramic image and real-time transmission to the central control screen 9.2 inches.

to push the GLS of the new owner, with superior leather seats, with ventilation, massage, heating function, with the back plate desk, refrigerator car, four-zone automatic air conditioning system, crafted with subtle care, and create a leapfrog luxury.

Multi respect manners, no Ultimate the untouched.

with the new car market, now until December 31, 2020, to buy expensive new-car owners can enjoy a three-year 0 interest rate (the percentage of 30 to a low down payment), the high of $ 7,000 the insurance discount, there replacement demand for replacement car owners enjoy 9,000 yuan subsidy.

in the maintenance and service, the new Hui Ang also full of sincerity, a 3-year three basic maintenance (including the first insurance), 3-year cumulative 6 accident repair compensation . Another door off the car, driving on behalf of the city, scooter, tire respected security and other services, so that owners can enjoy the flagship VW brand of quality service.

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