SAIC Volkswagen: Tesla does not pay attention to the user’s popular luxury car brand

At the 23rd Chongqing Auto Show opened on June 12, the current SAIC’s general sales of the General Manager of SAIC said that when the company was interviewed by the media: Tesla is not customer-centered, the public is.

At the same time, he also said that when the public is facing a luxury brand BBA, it is not a point in many ways from the product. Includes driving control, reliable, trust, and residual value. Because the mass brand is more professional.

Of course, Yu Chu said, mainly the Volkswagen of SAIC.

This time, the hot discussion is caused online. I also thought I thought in the beginning of this year, the Volkswagen Group CEO Herbert Middot; Disach shouting Testra CEO Elon Middot; Mask, I would like to take the market share of Tesla. As a global automotive industry giant, Volkswagen, whether revenue or sales, is pretty in the world. As a new show, with the rise of new energy vehicles, Tesla has grown steadily in the past two years, and the market value has created a new high. But in front of the public, Tesla is still a “younger brother”.

However, after so many years of development, it is undeniable that Tesla’s brand influence is growing. The speed is fast, which has made the public, and Toyota traditional car enterprises have felt huge pressure.

So, not just a CEO group CEO group of the Volkswagen Herbert MIDDOT; Distension For the President of Toyota Motors, Toyota Chapter is also in November last year, it is called Tsra CEO Mask.

It can be seen that Tesla is now almost the public enemy of traditional car companies.

Let’s answer the questions yourself, come to analyze what Yu Chu said, there is no reason.

Before this question, we still have to make a quick increase in Scen sales. Seeing the growth of Tesla sales in May, I found that there were some people on the Internet these days, including many self-media big coffee and shouted for Tesla. Here I just want to say, regardless of the truth of the Shanghai Auto Show Teslawei Rights, no matter in May, Tesla’s sales data is sold this month, or the order in the first few months. For the brake failing incident of Tesra frequently, I still agree with Yu Pei, Tesla is not a user-centered.

In addition, sales data in April showed the best pure electric sales in the European market. The cars are Volkswagen ID.4 and Volkswagen ID.3, sold 7,565, 5,941, respectively. Tesra did not enter the top 20 due to a decline of 95%.

As compared to the public and luxury brand BBA, whether it is not, objectively, the public is very strong in the domestic brand, but I think there is still some gap than the luxury car brand. Because you will find that the monthly sales of BBA will be around 15,000, while the Volkswage is a lot of models.

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