SAIC’s population / independence, what signal is released in January

During the Spring Festival of February, I saw a business car company issued my first month. You can see two things very clearly: The first one, as my country’s epidemic situation has been further controlled, the automotive market is more obvious, the entire market is growing in the head enterprises of the company, the German, the Japanese, the independent brand. The second thing is that although the majority of the number of bus companies have achieved growth, the ranks in TOP10 are not the same in recent years. For example, the old boss since the Northeastern Volkswagen, the wholesale of SAIC Sales, only 85,300 numbers in January 2021, only 85,300 numbers, and in 2020, this number is 113,000 units.

SAIC’s sales volume, released signal

SAIC’s sales in January, from 2 dimensions, one is the wholesale sales of the decline, the other is it Announced retail end sales number.

Wholesale sales part, January, the number of Shangqi Volkswagen’s wholesale sales was 8,6100, fell 23.8% year-on-year, which has a relatively large contrast in the sales strategy of SAIC in the past few years. In the past few years, the annual sales of SAIC-year-old wholesale sales have been in the presserved state, and some dealers’ inventory indices will even break through the end of the year.

For such sales strategies, we have also conducted research on the dealer, although the distributor feels the pressure of inventory, but because of years Corresponding to the cooperative relationship with SAIC, and the confidence of the SAIC’s mass brand, or willing to enter the car and complete the transformation of the sales terminal.

In January 2021, SAIC Volkswagen’s single month wholesale sales number suddenly reduced, released three levels of signals: 1. The wishes of dealers have decreased, which is in 2020, 2020. Tracing under the pressure of inventory; 2. Sudden epidemic cases in Shanghai, affecting the progress of logistics and related production; 3. The problem of global auto companies are now facing problems, chip vacancies, and perseverance enterprises to adjust their own production.

From the above three perspectives, the first point and the third point are the main factors, and the first point further highlights the challenges of the superficial sales model. In general, the dealer system of SAIC can realize the balance of purchase and sales, but in 2020, the dealer of SAIC’s acquisition is more obvious, and the terminal price is further exploring. Sales numbers, but distributors sell the front-end losses.

From the perspective of retail sales, the transcript of SAIC in January is 165,000 units, and then combined with 8.53 million wholesale, it can be seen that the SAIC is now adjusting the dealer system. The trend of pressure.

Combined with the industry comparison, also released the signal

SAIC’s performance released its adjustment signal, but if we combine the development trend of the entire car market head company, we also Can see other information.

in the car brand ranked first 10 in the sales volume, only SAICs A mass of differences between wholesale and retail occurred. FAW-Volkswagen wholesale sales of 232,000 units / retail 232,000 Taiwan Wan Tai, Dongfeng Nissan wholesale sales 115,000 Taiwan / retail 124,000, Great Wall Motor Wholesale sales 116,000 units / retail 109,000 units, etc.

Both the number of wholesale and retail sales are basically balanced, and mainstream car companies continue to advance according to the previous sales plan, including SAICs in Shanghai. And this means that the SAIC is expected to have problems.

From the top of the top of the top, the sales number of LaVida is still in a high level, specifically 423 million units, but other sales pillar models: Tiguan, Passat , Tuan Yue, etc., but only 6529 sets, the situation of reacting to a certain extent is quot; dealers have the demand for LaVida, for the Tiguan/ Passat / Tubai and other models have decreased. In addition to other perspectives, FAW-Volkswagen does not change the rhythm, can continue in a state in which the balance is continued in the case of wholesale sales growth, and the same performance is the same. Wholesale sales ranked second Geely Automotive, and subsequent Changan Auto, Great Wall, Dongfeng Nissan, GAC Toyota, FAW Toyota, Guangqi Honda.

In the first 10 car companies, SAIC’s sales are constantly being subjected to 3 China independent brands – Geely Automobile, Changan Auto, Great Wall Motor Challenge, and Japanese Brand – Dongfeng Nissan, Guangqi Toyota, FAW Toyota, Guangqi Honda, Dongfeng Honda’s eating.

Write in the last:

In addition, in January, the wholesale sales in the SAIC can also see another group of abnormal numbers, occupying 8.53 million wholesale numbers. It is 2.23 million Volkswagen Santana models.

More and more joint venture brands are giving up low profit models below 100,000 yuan, while Santana’s terminal transactions have actually entered The range of 6-8 million yuan. This behavior of the mainstream development trend in the industry is actually released with some signals within the Shangqi Volkswagen, which may be an exclusive production link, which may be a capacity planning link, which may be a large customer supply.

Overall, the car sales in January 2021 can let us see the clear signal is that the motor market has intensified. Just rely on the previous brand advantage, brand original development strategy / sales strategy, the share will be eaten by those companies that have changed faster.

If the SAIC is still in such a state in the sales of the next few months in 2021, then we will see a new market form.

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