Schaeffler to do to prepare for mass production of wire technology

  1. Para Wan successfully gone hand in hand Schaeffler year history of cooperation

  2. Madis amp; middot; green gram: “Schaeffler is developing into a chassis system integrators.”

  3. Schaeffler help Xiangjiang River in Hunan New District to build intelligent network linking ecosystem

  4. -wire technology Schaeffler Audi R8 LMS GT3 cars approved to participate in [ 123] DTM earlier events

Herzogenaurach November 4, 2019 / PRNewswire / – At present, the automotive industry is undergoing tremendous change, new technologies and concept vehicles are playing an increasingly important role. Since last August Schaeffler hand in Pala million to set up a joint venture, the two sides have gone through the course of more than a year of cooperation, and achieved a successful development. CEO of Schaeffler Group Automotive Division hosts Madis amp; middot; green gram, explains: “With the establishment of 舍弗勒帕拉 million skilled Inc., Schaeffler is well positioned for the future development of ready. with by-wire technology and Schaeffler Mover, we want to shape the future of transport plays an important role. based on this, Schaeffler is gradually developed into a leading chassis systems integrators. “

wire technology surgery is expected 2021 in volume production

舍弗勒帕拉 million skilled CEO Co., Pa Ravan founder Roland amp; middot; Arnold said: “we created a win-win partnership in the past year, we have successfully achieved initial progress, for the further development of technology to achieve wire amount. production laid the foundation. “

with the development of automated driving technology, digital systems, such as driving and steering-by-wire technology has been more widelyPan concern. Schaeffler wire technique is to get the world’s first road-wire technology licensed to meet the stringent functional safety regulations. Madis amp; middot; Green gram added: “We plan this technology into volume production in 2021. We have many customers started cooperation on specific projects, they will use some of the technology on the Schaeffler Mover, such as intelligence. drive module and steering-by-wire technology. we will position itself as a chassis integrator, providing drive and drive control systems for advanced vehicle integrators. “

help Chinese smart driving market development [123 ] September 6, 2019, Schaeffler signed a cooperation framework agreement with the Xiangjiang River in Hunan New District management Committee. The two sides will rely on local industry cluster advantages, combined with Schaeffler technical expertise and R & D strength, help with the construction of China’s auto industry ecosystem intelligent network. Under the agreement, Schaeffler plans to set up a wholly-owned company in Hunan Xiangjiang River District, will be its Space Drive-by-wire technology used in the field of intelligent driving the introduction of new area, in line with the development of future intelligent driving system Mover platform requirements and intelligent 90-degree steering module. At the same time, Schaeffler also plans to set up a new R & D Center and Research Institute in intelligent driving a car Xiangjiang River in Hunan New District. As Schaeffler second R & D center in Greater China, the new R & D center will focus on the development of future automotive technology with intelligent network.


R8 LMS GT3 eligible to qualify at Schaeffler-by-wire technology has been in extreme racing conditions has been verified – the end of October, former F1 driver Marcus amp; middot; Winkelhock drive equipped with the technology of the Audi R8 LMS GT3 racing touring cars took part in the Gran Turismo held in Hockenheim, Germany (DMV GTC) quarter final race, the final ranking in the two games. This paragraph also participate in the race car for the first time.

equipped with wire technology Schaeffler Audi R8 LMS GT3 racing between the steering wheel and the steering gear without any mechanical connection, the car the German Motor Sports Association (DMSB in June this year) Approval, is the first to obtain the approval of the Federation of steer-racing. Roland amp; middot; Arnold said: “This competition is another milestone in our online control technology development process we have gained a lot of valuable information through the weekend before the race, and to use this information for further development of the system. . “DMV GTC will be included in next year’s DTM touring car race over the same period.

Schaeffler-by-wire technology is the key technology autopilot, the technology is the world’s first obtain permission to use the road by-wire system, with more than 1 billion kilometers of road accident-free road mileage

Schaeffler wire technology proven extreme conditions – equipped with the system of the Audi R8 LMS GT3 racing German Motor sports Association (DMSB ) approved by the
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