Seat Cupra Leon ST / Leon PHEV Spy Shots

Recently, some overseas media photographed the SEAT Cupra Leon ST (Wagon) and spy Leon PHEV two models, photos of the two cars are used more rigorous disguise, but was able to pass some details discover their true identity.

“SEAT Cupra Leon ST spy photos” of the first paragraph

car was found on a highway in Spain, long body and lift back design is obviously a station wagon, a little similar to the overall body contour golf travel version, but the unique shape sharp headlights and taillights details or disclose the fact that its ownership of the SEAT Cupra sports sub-brand.

“SEAT Cupra Leon ST spy photos”

a total of four bilateral rear exhaust design is likely to herald the car will performance is more powerful Cupra Leon R ST models. According to previous reports, Cupra Leon / Cupra Leon ST models will carry a plug-in hybrid system, a combination of a motor engine 1.4TSI + can bring the maximum power 183kW (249Ps); and new models Cupra Leon R ST power parameter has not been published, as a reference, mounted 2.0TSI cash Leon Cupra R gasoline engine maximum power of 224kW (304Ps).

“SEAT Cupra Leon ST spy photos”

the second vehicle from the spy photos, the more lean body contour is capable of 5 hatchback door, also revealed a unique profile that headlights Seat Leon is a vehicle, located below the left side of the a-pillar and the rear charging interface contour of the exhaust gas is further explained that this is a plug electric hybrid.

“spy SEAT Leon PHEV”

“A column in order to see the charging interface profile”

“SEAT Leon PHEV spyPhotos “

According to previous official SEAT’s new car program, the brand will launch in 2021 of four plug-in hybrid models and two electric models. Four plug-in hybrid models include: headed compact hatchback hatchback Leon PHEV, and 斯柯达柯迪 Kerouac same platform medium-sized SUV Tarraco PHEV, focusing on athletic performance Cupra Leon PHEV and Cupra Formentor PHEV; two pure electric models are:! locating miniature electric vehicles Volkswagen e-up and Mii sister model compact car EL-BORN hatchback based on the platform of the MEB (ID hatchback sister model).

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