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September car sales ranking: Sunny monthly sales of nearly 50,000 summit, Chinese brands collectively dropped out before 15

lead Introduction | before the October sales are over 20,000

September and October, the last issue we talked SUV performance (Sept. SUV sales ranking : H6 then broke 30,000 won, exploration Yue beat Tiguan Qashqai second row | poly count), the current market performance sedan chat again.

by the Federation data show that in September 2019 car wholesale sales fell 7.5% to 924,000, accounting for 48.6% of passenger cars, that nearly half of the proportion. In other words, the car is still up to the consumer to buy a car.

Here’s a look at the lorry poly Jun, September car sales Top 100 what?

larger SUV compared to the total amount of

car, which is ranked from best-selling vehicle sales situation can also be seen. September 2019, more than 10 models total car sales of 20,000, of which there are 3 models sold between 3-4 million, more 2 models sales of over 40,000.

If Hover H6 is SUV is a pin-time winner, then Sunny is a pin Crown car market. In addition to August, which is the eighth Sunny came out on top in the car market sales. And Sunny September sales volume nearly ten thousand –4.97 million, far higher than the previous September, the average monthly sales level (41100). At the same time, it is worth mentioning that, before the Sunny only in January and March sales over the 40,000 mark.

Sylphy after briefly won the first in August, returned to the position of “second”. Sunny contrast with sales, Sylphy is indeed a far cry from its single month in September Sylphy 43000 score lower than seven thousand six Sunny, in the first nine months is a difference of 56,000. And, before September Sylphy overall sales decline trend, with annual car “first” lopsided.

FAW-Volkswagen Bora and Sagitar two models, respectively 38,400 in September and 36,600 performance ranked No. 4, No. 5, compared with the same period last year, an increase of up to 48.7% and 61.2%, the top ten best performance models. “Golden September” No gold, but for them it is the fruits of the harvest, the reason is mainly due to the large amount of price discount.

Corolla sales also performed well, to achieve 11.2% growth year on year in September, and sales exceeded 30000-30500. However, from a ranking point of view, once before and slightly less compared to the top three.

of Hideo 6-10 (24900), Santana (23,700), Civic (22,300), Ralink (22000) and Accord (20,400) were sold at between 2-3 million. Among them, Hideo and Santana sales were 16.4% and 18.4% emergence and decline – “Golden September” is not really the season for them.
Accord with 20,400 sales ranked tenth, is the only top ten in a B-class sedan.

Other vehicle sales were 20,000 units annually. Among them, the independent brand Geely Dorsett dropped out of the top ten, in September sales fell 20.8% to 16,000, ranked No. 17; has entered the top ten list of cars Roewe i5,9月份销量尚不足万辆.
count the number of words, before the own-brand car sales account for only a quarter of 100, most of the country is occupied by the joint venture and luxury. This was to attract attention, in the end we lost in where?

car poly Summary

First, car profits lower than the SUV, which leads to its own brand of good killer “cash discount” is no longer Emmanuel, opposite the joint venture began crazy prices, further weakening the self-cost advantage.

Second, car buyers look more performance, fuel consumption than the SUV buyers, but also often want high performancePerformance, low fuel consumption of this contradiction combination. This requires deep internal strength and strong research and development, the majority of autonomy in line with the joint venture car here does have gaps, that the product does not have the strength advantage.
again, SUV purchases relatively more instrumental, just to be easily brought into the ingredients. The car purchase into more emotional factors, such as the face, then the brand power is crucial. This is the soft underbelly of the independent brands, one of the reasons sounded “more advanced” German car popular.

you can think about smart MySpace, own-brand car sales how to do to get back on the top ten it?

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