September hedge rate to pick up the car, buy a used car what most hedge?

car market shrinking let the car continued pressure value in promotions, and other official drop action to stimulate consumption, the value of the car itself, in sharp contrast with the past, but this difference of course, the most direct impact is that the used car market, more precisely, is the automobile hedge rate. For consumers, the economic downturn has led to a large decline in car prices and car threshold, apparently with no small benefit, but again, the negative impact of such benefits will eventually fall on the consumer feedback by hedge rate ; after all sales sinking, when new cars are difficult to attract consumers, second-hand car market has become stretched.

But this year, second-hand car limit migration policy gradually put open, limited number of cities to cancel a used car to move, let the used car is no longer limited to the local transfer; gradually increasing the flow range, the liberation of the country’s five existing mobility models, in order to stimulate pick up the used car market. At the same time, with the arrival of September and October car season, spending power reflux to make new and used car markets have varying degrees warmer, which in September of second-hand car market is showing a trend of sustained recovery. That rate hedge from a car show in September of view, what kind to buy, what brand, what higher level models hedge rate, more secure?

and its Dingsi SUV, you might as well choose safer cars

According to the China automobile Dealers Association estimates the true essence jointly issued the “September 2019 China automotive hedge rate report” pointed out the September prices of new cars and used car prices are a slight rise, and with the reduce the pressure on the stock, the more cars hedge ratio has stabilized, showing a steady increase in the state. In many segments, the sedan is the best-performing hedge ratio models; relative, SUV’s hedge rate increase is lower than the number of cars, MPV is the overall trend was downward. In the SUV models, the small SUV and large SUV segment two hedge ratio declining situation, increasing the rate of decline is mainly small SUV based on its product strength limitations of large, low interest used car consumers, while the larger SUV hedge rate increase is mainly due to lower car class source, resulting in increasing the rate of decline. So if you want to hedge against inflation rate, to choose safer cars, cars will no doubt be more tricky.

Japanese cars hedge ratio remains high

[123 ] in the joint venture brands, to talk about hedge rate problem will certainly open Japanese cars not around, based on low maintenance costs, low failure rate, large market base, new car prices firm and other advantages, so that Japanese cars has maintained a more leading hedge rate advantage and, therefore, to create a joint venture brand before hedge ratio 5, there are four Japanese products situation. In addition, we can see that the hedge ratio is actually the third Mercedes-Benz, as a luxury brand, a considerable part of the premium brand from its new car prices in years, but in order to respect the strength of the used car market, the ability to protect the price offered by a premium brand is not high, so that Mercedes-Benz can hedge rate ranked third place ranking is not easy, which is also based on the current Mercedes-Benz relatively strong new car prices and used car pricing mutual aid situation. So you want to buy a joint venture vehicle, choose these brands will be more hedge, of course, this is only for the brand, not all products in the purchase of a good or needs to query related hedge ratio models make a decision, after all, good or bad the car also has hierarchical.

independent break up, Paul new car prices are likely Used market

for its own brand, its performance in the used car market has been relatively flat, fluctuating is not large, but is not the main point of force used car consumer groups. But in the past two years, some independent brands continue to push up the product, compared with the past, there are also a lot of improvement in pricing, this can be seen from the continuing rise in average selling price; from 2017’s 78,000 yuan the average selling price, this year has risen to 9.3 million. But it is clear that the average price of own-brand products to enhance, met the joint venture brand prices dropping, the two form a face to the touch, causing the price of its own brand in the used car market hit. In a few ranks in the forefront of the brand, strongQuite used car residual value mainly due to its low-priced products a considerable part of the laying of the market, its support hedge rate. So relatively speaking, for its own brand, to be considered under the premise of increasing the rate, but is recommended to start low-end models, after all, the car has its own value, the hedge ratio has its bottom line.

[123 ]

in the case of the market environment, as expected, a variety of promotional offers is indeed very impressive; but at the same heart, but also need to remain rational, preserve and increase the rate of the vehicle’s performance not only determines after the replacement cost of your car wash, but also indicates the level of performance of a wide range of vehicles, for example, it will affect the reputation of the vehicle, the extent of the audience, maintenance costs, the failure rate to hedge rate of the vehicle. So sometimes choose high hedge ratio models, but more insurance, especially when their own car can not find a target, which is also an important way of product selection. Of course, the most important thing is the downstream environment in the automobile market, car market can be described as changing, select high hedge ratio models can reduce the value of the car as much as possible affected by price fluctuations.

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