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Set up navigation – the car open to home, Xiaopeng P7 gives me a test drive?

when I was still addicted to do the car radio program for three years, just about the car is the world’s automotive industry intelligent driving, driving assistance outbreak. Tesla AutoPiolot, BMW’s hands free and so on, more and more car body with L2 level intelligence pile driver configuration, active braking, lane center holding, intelligent cruise. The development of the developing and style has always been bold act Tesla threw NOA function = Navigate on Autopilot, set up your vehicle navigation, and then start the function, the car quot; automatic quot; auxiliary drive it home with you.

NOA, so that the genuineness of Tesla fans who wave after wave of worship. If you are familiar with automotive technology will know the next thing I have to say, a symbol of American car prices advanced for this to some extent, now is facing a direct challenge from the Chinese car prices, not one, not two, there’ll be more.

first touch Xiaopeng car NGP Beta

this year’s Beijing auto show, so I was impressed that thing from Xiaopeng first public interview, I am honored that the interviewer is us – coffee road car, but keep in mind is even more profound, chatted Xiaopeng Xiaopeng car next intelligent driving technology research and development progress quot; more than I (Xiaopeng) had their own vision of quot ;. After

November 18, 2020 before the opening of the Guangzhou Auto Show, Xiaopeng standing in front of a row of P7, listening to engineer explained Xiaopeng car autonomous navigation NGP high-speed driving test version, I know, interesting day to begin. What

NGP that? It is simply its Chinese name meaning, high-speed autonomous navigation driving. After setting up its own navigation end, driving down the road, turn NGP on a specified road, the car will be helping you drive to the finish. The current test version of the NGP is expected to be completed in 2021 pushed Q1, the adaptation of the current road conditions, including highway, city roads, expressways.

Hardware’s perceived ability is derived from 14 cameras, 12 ultrasonic radar, 5 millimeter waveradids. The 14 cameras include front 4 cameras (1 three-mek camera module and 1 front security auxiliary camera), 1 car driver monitoring the camera, 5 enhanced aware camera and 4 comic camera. Fusion millimeter wave radar to achieve double perception. Then, and Tesla’s quot; detected what, then decide how to drive quot next step; Drive xavier. All of the above is supported for high-level smart driving assistance.

Feel good, I understand that you want to know it and Tesla comparison

Can touch the screen to set navigation, can voice Set the navigation, experience the total mileage of the whole route 58.6 kilometers, route to the 2-stop high-speed road segment of the Humen Bridge and Nansha Bridge, while mixing a lot of mechanism, sealing road, and stroke congestion. After getting on the bus, you will follow the twinkle gear rod down and have the first highlight.

Voice broadcast: Xiaopeng’s current NGP beta will make voice broadcasts before each vehicle’s movement, NGP starts broadcast, will Before playing in advance, broadcast warnings in advance will be broadcast before they want to change the news, and will be broadcast before the ramp. At the same time, with the voice of the voice, there will be corresponding light cooperation, which meets the national laws.

Identification ability: 2019 Tesla just launched NOA, we measure Once, then I got the update version of Wei’s NIO Pilot, and the two cars should be contrast. For example, Tesla’s big screen will display the absence of flow recognition before andover, and the ES8 can only identify the traffic of the lane in the vehicle. Xiaopeng’s NGP beta details are more featful, such as the pile bucket placed in the road section, which can alsoRecognition.

FIG precision even after fitting, on the opposite lane can show more detail. Driving people familiar with intelligence would know that it means a stronger ability to identify a more accurate grasp of the global mean safer and more accurate.

intelligent drive capacity: NGP beta Xiaopeng has three prominent point in the driving part, wherein the first point, into high when importing the main road highway, road living slow acceleration, idle occurs if the front, the NGP directly to the prompt and rapid completion of the broken line in the overtaking lane change;

the second point is that it’s lane change action is very sophisticated, rich like driving skills quot; quot ;, not after people were slow in detecting excessive but good safe distance, simply complete the . If you encounter a speeding express rear of the car in the lane change process, the vehicle will travel back to the original lane, to avoid accidents.

Further, in this point there are more detail. Xiaopeng future NGP will prepare a different driving style, and because the human driver, as some people drive more radical, others more conservative, NGP in the official version, there will be quot; standard quot; and quot; sensitive quot; two kind of driving style for the driver to select.

The third point is that the tunnel positioning capability and the ability to inclement weather will be integration Xiaopeng future NGP, which algorithms, sensor inertial navigation beacons have a relationship. With this in mind, because Tesla current NOA, the travel guide is not complete in the tunnel.

In general, beta NGP Xiaopeng gives a lot of surprises, this system is similar in function to the minimum trough point. NGP after the start in the corresponding sections, the first Duzhe not leisurely back of the car to complete the lane change, not leisurely followed the vehicle in front and opened 100 meters from the effects of traffic, once again it will be done automatically in accordance with acceleration and deceleration speed limits , to overtake the front slow.

benefits is driving easier and safer, which is different from beforeDriving experience.

Written in the last:

Of course, nothing will be perfect when it is born.

Xiaopeng current beta version of NGP need to improve some aspects, such as the speed limit is still under some sections of the match, such as off-ramps at particularly congested road skills, another example further improve the driver the body, quot; I was an auxiliary drive, is not fully automated driving quot; and so on.

However, after the trial finished final result is delightful, Xiaopeng NGP has a beta of previous similar function of progress and refinement, mixed with a lot of algorithms. And that, people see this interesting enterprise and progress, as well as to promote the localization of applications for landing.

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