Several driving behaviors of the most pulled hate, are you “famous in the list” secretly told me!

Don’t blame Chinese driver’s temper

This year, the driver to be a Buddha is really not easy

You drive, just want to have no Criminal, peace to arrive

But I don’t commit crimes, but I don’t have a person who doesn’t commit me

Just there, I feel that the road is his family repair

What he wants to open, how to open

As long as you are cool, others are cool and uncomfortable with me

and even, there is a little refreshing pleasure

[123 ] And this kind of behavior is easily excited

and it is also very likely to be staged “Wu Yun”

Today, my little brother is in the case, the road is extremely Several many do not standardize driving behavior, I hope that friends can lead their trials and transplances.

First, the variander does not turn to the light

For this kind of behavior, I want everyone to I have met, even I have had this behavior. In fact, this behavior is extremely easy to make a traffic accident. If an accident occurs, it should be all responsible. Therefore, when turning or parallel, the turn signal can remind the latter to pay attention, and it is also very polite.

Second, turtle speed travel

The so-called turtle traveling from the literally understood is the speed like a cute small turtle As very slowly. I think this kind of driving behavior should be more encountered. In our understanding of the speed of speeding, it is a very large safety hazard that does not have a very safe riser.

In particular, this very slow vehicle speed is likely to cause a rear-end accident in high speed. Another point is to cause congestion. Therefore, regardless of driving on the high speed or in urban roads, the speed is the most important.

Third, forced plugs

I estimate that you but if you ask a driver to hate which driving behavior, forcibly plugging should be the first place. If you ask a driver to drive which behavior is mostly hateful, forcibly agglomerate the first. Think about it, I am old and realized, can you pull up?

What should I do? Some friends directly, anyway, the parallel is responsible, but this little brother is not recommended, not because I have a “heart”, but you hit the car and have to repair it, and to your later vehicle preservation rate It will cause an impact, it is really no need to see you generally.

Four, throwing garbage

For the throwing garbage, there may be other few days Standard driving behavior, this behavior will not cause “road angry”, after all, some people’s ideas are “things don’t have their own, high-hanging” attitude. But I think most people will still manage, such as @, one institution, and more.

said far, actually throwing garbage This matter is an extremely low behavior, not only polluting the environment, cleaning up trouble, and may also give other vehicles. Causes hidden dangers. Personal views, such people do not match the driver.
53] Five The road in front. But it is a very “shameful” behavior that is not abused with a high beam. You have to know that the high beam is too much improvement in the road light, but it will sway the driver of the opposite car to cause accidents. There is also the car behind you (the former car), you are slowing down behind it.

So, please advise friends who often open the field, improve their driving literacy, reasonably use the lights.

6 The driver of a speaker feels them 1Seconds can’t wait, especially in some small roads, it is crazy.

The original meaning of whistle is to remind and attract attention, and now it is now evolved into pedestrians to take a speaker. The front car will let a pedestrian will press the speaker. The front car starts slowly Trumpet … So now many places have implemented the stimings, if the violation will be punished. But can I really have “shocking”?

Write in the last

Several non-standard driving behavior of the small brother’s inventory, not only is there, but also gives a car. Brought great security risks.

Finally, a sentence, when you want to do not standardize driving, the meditation: “Triple of roads, safety first, driving is not standardized, loved on tears.” The above behavior sneaked Tell me, a few of you?

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