Shanghai Auto Show A-level exhibition airborne Hunan Auto Show Specification new upgrade

Double-layer luxury booth to create a comfortable, quiet space, A-class exhibition from Shanghai car show, Changsha, new energy brand exhibitors, the most … April 28, from 2021 Hunan Auto Exhibition and Changsha City Car Consumption There are only 2 days left, and the reporter is in advance, and the characteristics of this Hunan Auto Show in advance?

magnesium light, big screen brightly “macro sense”

[123 ] As early as April 28, the reporter saw that the site exhibition work was in an orderly, large and small showcase, long and short woodworking board, steel frame In order to place, wear tools, wear hard hat construction staff to handle, tighten screws, take the shelf, floor, and the entire pavilion.

After a day of labor, 6 o’clock in the afternoon, the booths of many car brands have been formed. The reporter saw on a booth, the magnesium lamp was bright, and the LED huge screen broadcasted a big brand logo, and there was a “macro sense” in the scene. Not far away, a pronunciation staff swayed with the mothers. “Try the light, then do it, do it, do it, you can do it.” The staff said that his booth has basically completed.

“At present, the entire exhibition work is progressing smoothly, starting progress in the afternoon at 2 pm on the 29th.” 2021 Hunan Auto Show Organizing Committee Exhibition Department introduced the reporter, these They received nearly 200 exban trucks, and the entire exhibition work was close to the end through the night of the night.


A-class show is airborne Changsha, Shanghai, China;


It is worth mentioning that as a highlight of the Hunan Auto Show, this year’s exhibiting brand is fully upgraded. “The 80% of the exhibition is the factory directly from the Shanghai Auto Show, most of which are A-level extensions.. “The relevant person in charge of the organizing committee introduces, whether it is the specifications, or booth arrangement, this year Hunan Auto Show is higher than the previous,” the bullies of nearly a thousand square meters are all. ”

The reporter saw that Lexus, Volvo and other booths will be designed to be luxurious double-layer booths. The first floor is mainly available in product display. The second floor is the negotiation area, not only with round tables. , Comfortable seats, but also have tea, drinks, etc. By then, the customer drinks coffee, eats dessert, and makes it easy to buy the car. Among them, the Lexus booth mainly played the Japanese minimalist wind, and with intelligent technology Stroduction, more customers have created intimate and quiet negotiation space.

As a large two points in this Hunan Auto Show, the number of new energy vehicles will be the most In addition to the more years of participation in the exhibitors, and the major traditional car brands will bring their own latest new energy models, there is a first-time sky car, Xiaopeng Auto, Zero Rottery, Ideal Car, Sai Li Swide energy brands will be unveiled.

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