Shanghai Volkswagen Skoda Octavia new skylight failure Troubleshooting

Keywords: sunroof motor, the sealing strip.

Symptom: Maintenance personnel handling sunroof switch (FIG. 1), which was transferred to the translational position and a rear cocked position, no response skylight. Forcibly pressing the switch, is moved downward at the rear of the sunroof, and tilt upward.
The control unit integrated with the sunroof sunroof motor driving one of the backbone sunroof operation, when faced with greater resistance, anti-trap function will start, reverse motor drive sunroof backbone. When resistance is encountered more frequently, the control unit will cause loss of memory skylight, sunroof switch actuating cause no response, the basis set needs to re-do the control unit of the sunroof. Further, the motor vehicle can receive an operation command, the circuit can not consider the problem.

FIG. 1 new sharp sunroof switch

After inspection and analysis, maintenance personnel initially determined that the sunroof operation skeleton card, such as to be replaced very easily, so We decided to carry out repairs in accordance with the following ideas: ① the sunroof motor removed, sunroof control unit for a foundation set; ② removed the glass window, do skylight base set. Sharp sunroof basis set as follows.

(1) the ignition switch is opened ldquo; ONrdquo; position, a closed position and then press and hold the sunroof switch, wait 25 ~ 30 s, skylights warped to the maximum, the glass will be jitter about. Then release and hold down the switch again, skylights whereabouts. It is turned on, a closed loop automatic, sunroof initialization is complete.

(2) as a result of erroneous initialization failed, no action skylights, waiting to turn off the ignition switch 10 s, and then again operated once again the steps above. Initialization can directly hold down the switch, but the waiting time is longer, the whole initialization process takes about 70 s.

According to the above idea of ​​maintenance, maintenance personnel to remove the sunroof motor, a foundation set as described above, only clockwise rotation of the motor, the setting is not successful. Replace the sunroof motor, please help tear down sheet metal roof glass, skylights do basic settings, a successful switch has reacted in any position. It can be determined, a sunroof skeleton problems. After careful examination, and finally found the cause was surrounded by black glass window seal swell, leading to a skylight return when resistance is too large, continue to startPinch function, causing the sunroof switch failure.

Troubleshooting: cleanup seal around the glass and adjust the angle of the glass sunroof operate freely.

Review summary: This new Octavia sunroof motor must be in their original position, it should feel some resistance (anti-trap function), set the foundation to be successful, otherwise the motor only It will rotate clockwise. Seal swell because, when the glass window and the roof frame fitting resistance increases, down the window glass during the day, which exceeds the sunroof motor running resistance torque, immediately sunroof motor reverse operation, causing the sunroof is always cocked.

(Yaosong Bo)

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