Shape, middle-aged interior young people, these 3 high-value cars pity Yan

since ancient times, and say what is a commendatory term, naturally, will become a derogatory term seems hypocritical. For a car, the table is the appearance of a car, where it can be used as a car interior. As the saying goes: Yan began in value, loyal inner, exterior and interior are equally important. However, some models available in the market happens, their color value is amazing, but the interiors but had been held up, people feel pity. Who exactly? Today we look at the border with Costa Rica together several typical representative models.

1 Volkswagen CC

official guide price: 24.68-30.18 Wan

When it comes to this topic, not necessarily around open is the most beautiful public has said the new Volkswagen CC. Volkswagen CC design a new generation of completely breaking the Volkswagen family design, it all themselves.

In the network using a large area decorative trim, and extends into the interior of the lamp set, so that the front face looks very movement.

borderless door + rear privacy glass, simply open the door when the handsome explode.

fastback coupe design, small Bottom end of very sexy, the key hatchback design, to pass up! Frameless doors, CC appearance is really handsome!

However, it is regrettable that the interior and the new Volkswagen CC Volkswagen family design does not get rid of, although from some of the details, we can see that the public has been very hard work to become more fashionable.

three flatbottomed steering wheel full public taste, only increased shift paddles function, in the control of the screen is very conservative design patterns , there was a public static shift knob design, the interior coincides with GermanyPeople of character: serious, rigid. .

2 Toyota Avalon

official guide price: 19.98-24.48 Wan [ 123]

Having public house B + class car, look at the home of Toyota Avalon B + class car. Asian Dragon design on a very aggressive, oversized grille is chrome decorated, sharp lines delineate the rich motion effects, even the lamps make people feel that this car is really ferocious.

on the rear design, Avalon same radical. Through the taillights blackened, carved Indian Asian Dragon English name, and upturned tail effect is enhanced by the movement of the vehicle, bilateral exhaust, that which is very pleasing to the eye.

with the appearance of such a movement, Avalon’s interior does little people can not accept. A central control screen with a hollow design, seems to be full of Auto Parts City style (of course, if you look at the new wing of Toyota put in control, perhaps a little feel better).

The new Toyota Rong put the interior

multi-level soft wrap to create a good visual effects, but this seems to be middle-aged favorite design. Plus Toyota law-abiding, steering wheel, dashboard design, the entire interior is lackluster.

3. Snow Folan Mai Rui Bao XL [ 123]

official guide price: 15.49-21.99 Wan

Then the German and Japanese, how can the United States Department let go? Look at the snow Folan Mai Rui BaoXL! The main sports styling Mai Rui Bao XL, large size of the front grille, smoked built fierce black grille design, a lot younger.

as well as Chevrolet classic elements called Redline finishing touch, especially in the red decorative details, can really ignite young people’s hormones.

However, under such excellent appearance, snow Folan Mai Rui Bao XL interior is unsatisfactory. Although the designers intended to create symmetrical design of the control, but this is not in line with the trend of the current design, meaning even a little outdated.

in the control screen size less attractive, but also more old-fashioned style. Although because of cost considerations, at this level, Mai Rui Bao XL has the interior done well enough, but compared to its excellent design, Mai Rui Bao XL or people somewhat a pity!

written in the last

For a model, it gives the first appearance impression, but in daily use, consumers face more often the interior, the designers not only to have good design, but also in the interior something down. Of course, turnip greens all have love, good-looking or ugly, depending on people’s preferences to judge, and sometimes popular vision is not necessarily right for you, buy a car of course, is to buy yourself too pleasing to the eye, do you think?

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