Sichuan Toyota Coaster Toyota Coaster 12 offer price

Toyota Coaster body color is beige gold, body length of 7.005 m, the body width of 2.040 m, body height of 2.774 meters, Watertown Scotia Toyota Coaster amount modified in the details of appearance to increase the color, the front chrome design , and body color neutral, Toyota Coaster 12 reequipped in appearance does not make dotted with tall commercial vehicle monotonous clumsy.

Toyota Coaster, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 16, 17, 19, 20, 23 car sales, luxurious interior conversion. Coaster whole beautiful shape, the interior layout modifications take full account of the balance of the vehicle and the Toyota Coaster, each passenger can personal experience distinguished.

Toyota Coaster 12 modified commercial vehicles, and pay more attention to the distinguished atmosphere of the interior design sense. Toyota Coaster 12 do modified commercial vehicles also increased in the same partition as well as the design of the electronic clock display, neither take up space inside the car, but also can improve the sense of luxury in the interior to a certain degree.

Toyota Coaster 11 12 13 14 deluxe edition design can increase the whole partition behind the driver, on the one hand can give the driver a quiet driving environment, attention concentrated, ensure traffic safety in. On the other hand fully guarantee the rear passengers, airline seat: The seat is made of high-grade leather aviation air seats, according to the curvature of ergonomically designed to make the body more comfortable ride, apt.

Toyota Coaster modified commercial vehicle 12 can also be designed in the form RV, traveling tired when, a comfortable soft bed will enhance the well-being of our journey and pleasure. Huatong Scotia modified commercial vehicle Toyota Coaster in interior design, comfortable seats with ventilation, the inevitable can give us a more comfortable travel experience, in the summer of travel has also increased many happy memories.

Toyota Coaster 12 different modified commercial vehicles have a different design styles and effects, weNot just stay in the pursuit of a bus body, we want to talk about Toyota Coaster 12 can be converted into a home business are applicable superstar through continuous change in our lives in different areas brings us more comfortable travel.

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Toyota Coaster inlet (Toyota Coaster) classic shape, each equipped with two 4.0 V6 2.7L and imported Toyota Prado made multi-machine, FAW Toyota Coaster (Coaster) is equipped with both engine and chassis are imported. COASTER coaster car gasoline engine using gasoline 2.7L_VVT-i (3TR), can be kept good air-fuel ratio by the electronic control, the output power up to 113kW / 5200rpm, torque of 242Nm / 3600-4200rpm.

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