Skoda released a small cross-border SUV trailer named Kushaq

Recently, Skoda officially released a trailer of small crossover SUV models. The new car is a model designed for the Indian market. The car will be named “Kushaq”, which is also the Skoda’s SUV model to the consistent nomenclature, that is, starting with “K”, ending with “Q”. This new name inspique is from the ancient language of the Indian continent, the word can be translated into “rulers” or “king.”

From the notice map, the entire background color uses Skoda classic green, the overall contour of the new car is the main body of “routine” SUV body, the head is short, the whole car The top smooth transition to the end of the car, and there is a slightly tilted angle than the routine SUV model, highlighting the properties of the new car crossover. If you use a more intuitive metaphor, the model can actually be seen as the cross-boundary version of the National Kemike GT.

Further, from essentially, Kushaq is a mass production version of the Vision in concept car released a year ago, it will use It is designed for India’s MQB A0 platform and will be released in March 2021. This concept car still uses Skoda classic butterfly forward gas grille design, and uses a split headlight group, which is surrounded by a model. On the side of the body, the whole vehicle contour and the notice are very similar, and the large side skirt is mixed with the front and rear eyebrows, further enhances the new car gas field. Some elements on the concept truck are expected to remain in a new “Kushaq”.

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