Skoda’s upcoming new models with the new century-old trend

[Che Xunwang report] November 4, 2019, Skoda has released Ke Mike GT. In the conference, several executives mentioned several times, and not just the new car, travel services and more innovative solutions. This new trend described as a century-old, Skoda not only continue the old tradition of slow and steady, but also with the times, in line with the trend to come up with more products and services.

Skoda Auto was founded in 1895 (remember this day very well, which is just the Sino-Japanese War, the Northern Navy annihilated in that year), is the world’s most one of the oldest car manufacturer. Since 2007, Skoda joint venture established in our country, three years later, our country has become Skoda’s largest single market, the record is still maintained.

After gradually warming up in our SUV, Skoda seize the opportunity for the introduction of several models mdash; mdash; small SUV Kemi Ke, Ke Luo g compact SUV, midsize SUV Kodiak. Subsequently, the Kodiak will also upgrade and transform into a GT car. The release of Ke Mike GT, the core values ​​of the same is true, it is a youth-oriented coupe SUVmdash; mdash; Skoda China President Dr. Han Sheng says.

Dr. Han also said that Skoda has been set up in Beijing ldquo; Skoda Auto China Digital Lab rdquo ;, is committed to developing innovative services and travel solutions .

In this regard, Skoda Auto sales and marketing director, said Mr. Fang Yian: Skoda invest 2 billion euros for new technology and mobile travel services. Which, ldquo; Skoda Auto China Digital Lab rdquo; development priorities, is the future of travel and other new digital services.

These new travel solutions and services not only for the Chinese market, but also for international market demand customization. For example, in patients with non-emergency medical transportation situation to provide travel servicesldquo; ease of rdquo; (Care Driver), and provides excursion services to young consumers ldquo; Way to Gordquo; other projects have started trial operation.

aspects of models, Mr. Fang Yian said the next three years, Skoda will launch more than 30 new car models or derivative models.

At the same time, Skoda and Volkswagen joint venture partner SAIC will invest 15 billion yuan in five years for the development of new models, especially SUV and new energy vehicles. After all, a third of Skoda SUV sales from China. The performance by the 4 SUV models in the sale of the creation mdash; mdash; Ke Mike, Ke Luo grams, Kodiak, Kodiak GT.

where Cody Pontiac GT is the first car in the history of the Skoda brand running SUV, SUV functionality with coupe will type in the perfect combination of elegance together. The release of Ke Mike GT, the same is true.

will be transformed into SUV coupe SUV, a two-car strategy to meet the needs of more people to gain more sales. Similar tactics are not uncommon. Such as Shanghai Volkswagen, this year, once in transit Ang based on the introduction of the way Aung X. And Ke Mike GT is not only the exterior and interior is more trend Fan children, looks cool, internal martial arts also changed mdash; mdash; to retain the old Ke Mike 1.5 l power, while also increasing the 1.2T power.

aspects of new technology, equipped with an online interconnected system, and IFLYTEK intelligent voice system. At present, the model guidance 10.59-12.84 Ke Mike 1.5 million, estimated Ke Mike GT’s starting price, not more than 110,000 yuan, is likely to remain Ke Mike appropriate price even lower number. How exactly can only wait for the moment the November 22 release of price.

put in at least 30 models on the one hand, on the other hand, increase investment, there is aIn terms of the layout is the wisdom of travel and other new business. In the case of China’s auto industry growth has slowed, and these new trends Skoda, indicating that it is still ambitious. In fact, Skoda in China has established a mature marketing system mdash; mdash; 5 production bases, more than 700 dealers by Jing Rui, Rui Xin, Xin move, Octavia, Octavia station wagon, Ke Mike, Ke Luo g complete lineup, Pontiac Cody, Cody Pontiac GT and speed to send composed. Visible, this century-old not only Baodaobulao, and has updated thinking, updated trends.

More information: November 4, 2019, the new Skoda Ashkenazi tide cool SUVmdash; mdash; Ke Mike GT usher in the world’s first show in Tianjin . The new member of the family SUV from Skoda tailored for the younger generation, the tide cool strength. It is reported that the car will be on November 22 officially on sale.

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