Skyline ME7 price of 36.68-38.18 ten thousand yuan worth it?

price of 36.68-38.18 million in the sky ME7, is worth considering.

appearance, on the horizon ME7 highlights the most prominent is the “wide-body design”, brought to the same level models more prominent compared to the wide track, with better visual effects, but also can enhance the stability of the vehicle. At the same time, the vehicle drag coefficient as low as 0.28. Interior design, ME7 prominent theme of “five-screen Internet, Star atmosphere” by three processors are responsible for the dashboard, in the control / co-pilot screen and dual-screen rear. Diverse from the functional to the interactive mode, the sky is the five-screen ME7 this linkage biggest selling point iMA intelligent architecture.

Meanwhile, the sky ME7 vehicle steering system uses a Bosch double pinion power steering system with speed, performance is very linear entire steering, the steering system may also automatically adjust the speed power and back to the positive. And the sky ME7 dynamic performance of insurance is very good, can bring a very strong acceleration performance. Suspension systems, the sky ME7 using McPherson independent suspension, the multi-link independent suspension of the suspension system, and also increased the stabilizer sub frame chassis enhanced sense of control and driving stability .

as a new force repairer’s new models, priced at 36.68-38.18 yuan horizon ME7 appearance of avant-garde fashion, interior full of sense of technology, coupled with the good power performance is indeed worth considering.

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