Song NSX new model spy photos exposure motivation or will increase

Recently, we got a set of road test spy photos of a group of songs NSX models from overseas media. The new car has some changes in the appearance. Foreign media speculates that the test vehicle may be a Type R model for the reservoir or the new Type S, and may also have a small increase in power. Previously, overseas had a private message, NSX or Type R versions, and will appear in October 2021, the corresponding convertible will be bright in December, but the specific model and the appearance time need to wait for the official release.

According to the current spy photos, the new car is surrounded by large, compared to the current three-point heat dissipation / intake opening design, heat dissipation on both sides of the new car. There are many vertical layouts on the opening, the middle of the opening area is also smaller, but there are many new flow sides, the design ideas seem to come from the NSX GT3 car, and the internal style of the headlight is still 6 LED matrices. The headlight group, the change is not large.

The tail section, the new car is surrounded by changes, and the ventilation opening area on both sides has decreased, but the diameter and width increase, the tail diffuser area Further, the upper edge position has also increased a lot, and the effect of the lower pressure region on the lower pressure region of the tail can be further reduced. In addition, the new car still uses a large-diameter rectangular exhaust design, identification is good.

Interestingly, we have found that the new car interiors may change through the rear window glass, and the eye-catching is the central control multimedia touch of the suspended design. Control screen, compared to the design of the central control center, more technology.

Dynamic system, new car or mixed system, maximum power or increased to 680 horsepower, and the transmission system will match the 9-speed automatic transmission, and equipped with SH -Awd four-wheel drive system. (Source: instagram)

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