Space does not lose the character of the car as well as pure electric hatchback recommended

familiar with the electric vehicle market junior partner should be clear, most products will be focused on these two dimensions car and SUV, hatchback and the product will be relatively less. In fact, use level, hatchback car space is not lost, and has more personality, a lot of the younger generation will be the first choice of consumers. Are there any pure electric hatchback recommended it? Take a look at this car right below where you taste.

pure electric golf

After soaking up the relevant policies of subsidies, the price of electricity from pure golf 14.77 ten thousand yuan to 168,800 yuan range. Power part, purely electrical golf was equipped with a maximum power output of 100 kW electric motor, the peak torque output of 290 Nm, 40 kwh battery pack may provide 270 km pure electric mileage.

Why recommend it?

1. Adjustment. Volkswagen Group’s models tend to have a certain adjustment skills, pure electric golf is no exception. For the adjustment of the entire power system, the public is still relatively properly handled, it will open up and feel very close to the fuel truck;

2 texture. As produced, the texture of the level of public it does not let us down. Including the overall NVH level, texture chassis, suspension shock filter so doing relatively well;.

3 hedge rate. In pure electric vehicles dismal hedge rate today, the added value of the public believe that the brand brings to have some advantages over the hedge ratio.

Summary: In general, pure electric golf car product strength is remarkable, the only place where a shortage is that it’s the mileage. If the 270 kilometers of pure electric mileage can meet your needs, then it is worth your consideration.

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