Spindle grille with gull door Changan Different Can become a domestic sports car flagship

In the self-primary brand, trying to do a small number of sports cars, in addition to the previous Geely Beauty Leopard, Jianghuai Jiayue’s A5, Mado 6 and other models, mostly the cost-effective as a selling point, has been lacking a high-end sports car with a flagship model.

Chang’an is the most optimistic sports car model, which is expected to become a flagship model for domestic sports cars.

From the appearance, Changan extreme stream is bold, it is very eye-catching, and it is not more famous for a well-known runner. Many luxury cars are learned. The front face is a spindle air grille. The sharp tear headlights have highlighted the visual impact of the front face, the feeling of the first eye, and the front of the Lexus classic face design, very There is a futuristic.

The side surface of the body is simple and smooth, very fashionable, the clearance of the plies and the jubs is very small, the body is low, the door is full, pour ” 7 “type chrome-plated trim, enhance the vehicle texture. The double opening door on both sides is defined as a gull door, and the scissors of the sports car have the same work. When opening, the wings when the seagull fly, the way is beautiful, and this way of opening the door is more convenient. The passengers get off and get off.

The tail shape is wide, the hierarchical skill, the taillights are designed with irregular shape, the identification is very high, the solid label is more qualitative, and a tail of the tail, Add a sense of action. The rear bond is decorated under the silver trim strip.

The seat layout in the car is 2 + 2 layout, and the large-sized LCD screen is equipped on the center console. Other specific configurations, there is currently no official data, because the vehicle stays in the concept car stage, there is no clear information for the configuration of the mass production model.

From the design, Changan Different has reached a new height, and has become a ceiling model in the field of self-owned brand sports cars. Internal news, this model or will Equipped with a 2.0T blue whale power engine, the maximum output power is 233 horsepower, and the zero-hell acceleration can be completed in 5 seconds.

According to the internal news of Changan Automobile, this modelThe mass production has been put on the schedule, and if it maintains the height of the concept model on the shape, there is a booming of blue whale, Changan’s sports car is absolutely expected to be a flagship model of the independent brand sports car.

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