Spring is coming, these places in the car should be found again!

I just finished the Spring Festival, and many northern parts have begun to rain. Rain drops have been a snowflake, which is a bit fast in spring. The arrival of spring will let the owners change some cars habits. For example, the hot bus is not for so long. If you get on the bus, you don’t have to close the air conditioner waiting for water temperature.

Of course, in addition to the transition of the car habit, the owners should check against the car in the spring, what should I replace?

The inspection and replacement of the oil road

Car brake oil, transmission oil, special assist oil does not need to be replaced , Generally 60,000 kilometers can be replaced. These have a relatively large oil loss, so just simply check whether it is missing or diluted after the spring, no problem does not need to be replaced.

For engine oil, it is necessary to be determined according to the vehicle, which is roughly divided into two cases.

If the vehicle is extremely frequent one year, it is usually maintained for about twice a year, and it can be considered to replace the high temperature oil after the spring arrival. The cold start value of the general engine oil is determined for any season. If the temperature in winter is low, some owners will replace the cold-started oil after the autumn, and the viscosity will decrease appropriately, which is conducive to the winter engine lubrication.

Therefore, one year of maintenance of the owner of the above two times, can be considered to replace the cold start of oil and moderate engine oil in the spring. Of course, new cars can be fully replaced according to the model of the model, if it is an old car, consider the viscosity oil than the manufacturer suggested high level.

If the maintenance is not last one year, then the owner of the low frequency frequency is low. Therefore, the four seasons use the manufacturer’s suggested numerals, and there is no deliberate replacement after spring.

The arrival of the rainy season, the paint surface is also facing more damage. Because of the rain, acidic substances have certain corrosion on the bare paint, while the spring is large, the paint surface is easy to experience the wear of dust.. Waiting for the weather to be warm, some birds have also restored activities, so bird feces also began to corrode the car paint.

So, the car paint should be protected when spring arrival. Conditional car owners stick invisible car jackets are ideal choices, not only protect car paint, but also avoid slight injury to car paint. If the owner of the car is not attached, it is recommended to make paint-plated plating or sealing glaze, which can achieve a certain protection against the car, which is more than the paint.

Easy to replace

1, air filter

spring There is more requirements for air conditioning filter and air filter. If the air filter is not replaced for a long time, it will accumulate more dust. In the spring, there is a larger sand, and if the air filter is too dirty, it will affect the intake of the vehicle, which will affect the air combustion efficiency, but also increase fuel consumption.

The effect of the air conditioner filter is filtered into the air in the vehicle, and the air conditioner filter in the vehicle is also the last one of the air entering the vehicle. Anti-line. The increase in spring willow and rain, the summer weather is hot, and the air conditioner in the car is high frequently, which is higher. If you replace the air conditioner filter, you will better filter the air, if you have any conditions, try to change.

3, wiper

Winter may be cold, will also snow. Therefore, the damage to the wiper strip strip in winter is relatively large, especially the ice and snow that often scratches on the windshield. Therefore, if the spring rainy season increases, the wiper can be wiped with the windshield, because the rain is unclear, and there is a safety hazard directly.

So, the spring can check if the wiper is damaged and aging, and it can be wiped with a toothpaste and towel, and then clean it. If severe deformation or damage, it is recommended to replace it directly.

Spring arrival, all things recovered. youIs there any car that should I wake up? Appropriate maintenance and maintenance of the car can keep your car for a few years youth, and you can make the used car more than the value, all of which is greater than the disadvantage. So, hurry up ~

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