Ssangyong X200 concept car notice released the appearance of the corner

Recently, South Korea’s car brand Shuanglong released a new concept car. According to reports, the new car will be named “x200” and the appearance uses the design of the hardist SUV style.

As with most hard-part SUVs, the X200 concept car released by this Shuanglong adopts a distinct design. The circular headlights are placed on a vertical dark grille, and the independent steering lamp is located on both sides. Overall, the X200 concept car restores the early Kolanddo models of Shuanglong brand, although we all know that the car is clearly borrowed from Jeep.

In the side of the body, the new car short-proof body uses four-door design, and the front and rear eyebrows are connected to the head / tail, respectively. In the tail, the angle vertical rear window and the roof design are very profit, and the outer convex backup door is prepared for the position of the spare tire.

Although the Shuanglong Automobile is known for “design”, the models they have released have been normal after absorbing the style of BRONCO, Jeep Wrangler and other models. There is currently no relevant news to point out what kind of power will adopt, but the Shuanglong has plans a pure electric SUV of code J100, so the new car is probably the probability of traditional power.

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